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Friday, January 2, 2015

What Will Be The 2015, 5775, Israeli Elections Main Issues?

The Knesset, from the side
If you're already sick of Israeli Elections politics, then I'm sorry, but we have two and a half months to go, and then there's the coalition building/dealing...

It's not hard to guess what the Israeli Left will campaign about during the 2015, 5775 Knesset Elections season. The Left will go for economics:

  • Housing should be cheaper! "It's not fair that we can't afford a large apartment (or house) in the neighborhood of our dreams."
  • Food here in Israel is too expensive! Pudding is cheaper in Germany!
  • Hospitals are too crowded, because the Netanyahu government hasn't built enough hospitals or rooms. 
  • Hotels in Israel are too expensive. 
  • Universities should be free and acceptance should be easy.
  • Taxes are too high. 
  • Cars are too expensive.
I have a feeling that the chareidi parties will campaign to appeal the latest draft laws and accompanying fines. They'll certainly expect that as payment to join the coalition, and without them, neither Bibi nor Herzog-Livni can form a viable government.

Naftali Bennett and his NRP aka Bayit Yehudi, Jewish Home Party, will probably try a Land of Israel-security campaign. That way he can pick up the disgruntled Feiglin voters who will give up on the Likud and also some of the former Lieberman, Yisrael Beiteinu, Israel's our Home Party who have finally realized they had been conned.

The Arab parties will do their usual:]
  • We don't get a fair shake.
  • Support the Palestinians sic, even though it's seditious. But they're coated with Teflon.
Whatever Right wing parties there are will go for Jewish rights in all of the Land of Israel and Jewish Prayer and easy access to the Temple Mount. 

What do you think? Did I peg it correctly? Please answer in the comments, thanks.

And G-d willing, bli neder (no oath/vow) I'll soon post:
What Should Be The 2015, 5775, Israeli Elections Main Issues?


yolanda G said...

IT is THE HONESTY of the HEAD of the party - not it's PAPER platform

Anonymous said...

Great piece, you described it "katzar ul'inyan" - short & to the point! I agree with most of your analysis, IMHO the right should play down the Har HaBayit issue (they should continue to go up, but not make it an issue). They lose PR points on making this an issue.
Secondly, Otzmat Yisrael is mistaken by their desire to "shout out from the opposition." They'd be a lot better of joining up with another party to make sure they get into the Knesset, & strengthening the Right side of the political map, even if it means joining with Bibi. I know he's far from the best, but practically speaking he's probably who we'll get, & if the right side of his alliance is stronger than the left, it would be best for what Israel really needs!

Anonymous said...

While you may have said things accurately,I don't think economics is something to scoff at. Housing prices are beyond the means of an average couple EVERY WHERE regardless of age or status without the help of parents. Not being able to have affordable homes for sale creates instability in families who must constantly move as rent moves up or homes get sold out from under them. Education also needs to be addressed as one cannot get anywhere without a degree any more. The same battle is being fought in The States as student Loans sky rocket into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What we need is a government who pulls from the left AND right to meet social and economic issues AS WELL AS the political issues so necessary to our survival as a country and individuals. Will we ever see that? Unfortunately not and unfortunately BB is still our best bet for PM.

Thanks for creating a thought provoking post.

Batya said...

Yolanda, thanks, so true
yitz, joining the coalition is agreeing to have one's hands tied and mouth gagged.
a, yes, economics are important, but the Leftists want a "gimme, gimme" and not a strong economy that takes time. Lots of affordable public housing all over including YOSH would help lower costs. And also telling the Americans to keep their shopping coupons so we can strengthen our military industry