Monday, January 26, 2015

I May End Up Voting for Jewish Home, Because It's Nothing Like The Old NRP

For many years decades I've said that I wouldn't vote for the NRP for two basic reasons:

  1. I don't think a political party should revolve around the issue of religion.
  2. Traditionally there was something very "apolitical" about the NRP. It found ways to join almost all the coalitions whether Left or Right to protect its institutions. 
There was also something so terribly homogeneous about it. 

Today I watched and listened to one of the top Bayit Yehudi, Jewish Home leaders, Ayelet Shaked, and she said something rather revolutionary for that party. She said that it wouldn't be the end of the world if they were to find themselves in the opposition. I was overjoyed. If you check my posts from two years ago before the previous elections, you'd see that one of my complaints about Naftali Bennett was that he had announced, before even beginning negotiations with Netanyahu that they'd be in the government. 

I use my vote to support an ideology, not for anything else. I want the MKs I've voted for to be able to tell the truth and speak out on every issue. As you probably know, I don't see MKs as having too much power, and coalition MKs have even less. 

One thing I really like about Bennett's Jewish Home is that it is getting further and further from the old NRP. And I think that Bibi's Likud is getting further and further from Menachem Begin's Herut, Gahal and Likud. One of the latest surprises is that Betar Jerusalem's former soccer star Eli Ohana may be joining up with Bennett and Shaked.

See, I've been saying for quite some time, usually as facebook comments, that the Jewish Home is becoming what the Likud should or could have been!!


Rivka said...

One thing has been obvious from the beginning, just like they proudly proclaimed on their website - BY is the new Mafda"l and has all of the qualities of the Mafda"l that would have disappeared had they not taken turns tramping with Russians and then Torani and real rightwing DL. Bennett has had 2 years. He took his tramp on Lapid. Yesh Atid was able to advance all of its even remotely possible goals. BY did nothing but regain part of its control over religious budgets, rabbanut jobs and setting back gains made by charedim in sharing the religious and educational pie. There are those who aided the old Mafda"l to not stop the Gerush from Aza and Bennett is the first dati leumi leader to legitimize autonomy for Arabs in EY. I realize that the propaganda and band wagon is huge. You people who speak to Am Israel and influence should not be fooled. We can't afford it.

Batya said...

Rivka, choosing a party to vote for this time is very difficult. Bennett's far from perfect, but the other party leaders are even further from what I want.

mordechai said...

Why are you impressed by a leftist celebrity who supported Kadima and destroying all settlements

Batya said...

There is not much choice. Likud is worse. Yishai has no ideology other than "I hate everyone." Ben Ari no chance alone and Kahlon is LEFT

Yosef Shomron said...

As a strong supporter of Eretz Yisrael and the Jewish towns therein the choice is simple - Bayit Yehudi. They're the only party against a PLO state. Of course one could vote for Eli Yishai simply to see Baruch Marzel sit by himself in the k'nesset (in the opposition). He will say all the right things but have no power/influence.

Batya said...

Yosef, thanks, I hope that Bayit Yehudi will be able to influence things. I don't like Eli Yishai and his people much, so I don't know how Marzel will fare with him.