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Friday, January 9, 2015

It's Frightening to See How Easily Two Arab Terrorists Can Run The French Police/Army Ragged

I trust, hope, pray that the French authorities will soon succeed in capturing the Arab Muslim terrorists who murdered over a dozen people so far.
Earlier I had posted about how the world doesn't recognize that these Arab Moslem terrorists are related to the same ones who attack Israelis.

And now, when we see on television the massive military necessary to capture, and they still haven't those two murderous terrorists. And will they use real force against them? And will they still condemn Israel for using force against the Gazan Arab Muslim terrorists? That's the question, isn't it?

Will they ever learn?


Mr. Cohen said...




Leah said...

Excellent point, Batya. No "disproportionate force" in their response...or...try to see things from the terrorists point of view or...the peaceful majority or...or... the long list just keeps growing...

Batya said...

Yes, Mr. Cohen

Leah, watching the chaos in Paris and that French village before Shabbat was so frightening.

And worse was listening to the media talking with police and "negotiations" with the terrorists and tactics. One expert interviewed used some commonsense and said that certain things should not be said in public at this time.

Awful end, and it's not really over.

Anonymous said...

Well, when police patrol and do not carry any weapons, what good are they (in particular, this era of terrorism) as protectors - it seems no better than the local candy store man. In France, they have the 'option' of carrying them and it appears most opt not to carry. In Britain, they are not permitted to do so. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Batya said...

A, yes, a very good point. By sending unarmed police it shows what a farcical and incorrect reading the French authorities have concerning the Arab Muslim terrorism in its midst.