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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christianity comes to the IDF

With the entangled mess of comments under yesterday's Jewish Press article, JewishIsrael thought it should try to throw some light on the situation.
It is essential and urgent that the Jewish community grasps the full picture and the repercussions of present-day Christian affiliations and cooperation with Israel and the Jewish nation.....more

Those Jews familiar with historic Christian symbolism may find the letterhead of the "Forum for the Enlistment of the Christian Community" to be somewhat disturbing. The organization, headed by Greek Orthodox Priest Gabriel Naddaf, features as their logo the traditional"Jesus Fish" united with, or entering, a Star of David...more

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IDF marches to the drumbeat of messianics in Jerusalem


Anonymous said...

This is so troubling and gets so little exposure in the secular Jewish media and the religious Jewish media. Read the Jewish Press article indicated here and read the comments. Was extremely disappointed to read the comments
by so-called Jews. They not only do not see anything wrong but they stand up for this chilul Hashem. B'H for a couple of Jewish commenters who are what I call the pride of our people. They had wonderful responses.
But sadly,the youth in Israel, especially the seculars in the IDF, are so vulnerable to this desecration. I'm afraid the Xtians are thoroughly infiltrated everywhere in the State, r'l.

Batya said...

Ellen thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

I finally took the time to view the video with IDF on stage. Some of the comments on the Jewish Press site claimed their was no conversion attempt. Well, the last part of the video showed the speaker giving nothing less than a sermon. By the time the video was over I felt utter contempt for Xtians and their Xtianity. Obviously these events are to make Jews "comfortable" with Xtianity. Given enough time that comfortableness will rise to acceptance. Once fully accepted why should it matter if a Jew becomes a Xtian. I've noticed how comfortable and accepting some from Voice of Israel are, along with many Rabbis. The "sermon" on the video was certainly a step in that direction.

I've read numerous news accounts where Xtian communities are Up In Arms when Shariah is brought into the classroom. Every effort is made to put an end to it, even proposing legislation to outlaw. So, they don't mind busing in the IDF to overtly Promote Their religion but how dare Muslims do the same thing.