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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Terrible Israeli Election Dilemma!

For the very, very first time in over forty-four, yes 44 years in Israel, I haven't a clue which party to vote for.

We joined Herut, the Menachem Begin/Revisionist original core of Likud just weeks after making aliyah September, 1970. Then we followed to Gahal and Likud. Then we supported Techiya, and since then, though I've kept up official Likud membership for primaries voting, I've voted for various Right parties on the Israeli political spectrum.

I'd live a strong Right party in the opposition, but I don't see one. Unfortunately, former MK's Dr. Aryeh Eldad, MD, and Michael Ben-Ari are not promoting themselves in an attractive and serious way. And it's not all the fault of the pollsters which ignore them.

Politics is a profession and demands multiple skills and techniques. These otherwise brilliant men, whose ideologies I feel comfortable with, just don't know how to mount a serious campaign for the Knesset. I really don't know what they are doing.

For year, actually for decades, I have said that I refuse to support the NRP-National Religious Party aka Bayit Yehudi, Jewish Home, because I don't think that religion should be the main issue in politics. Considering that Naftali Bennett is making very serious changes in the party, bringing in not only the non-observant, but even the non-Jew, I may do the unthinkable and vote for them.

I definitely won't vote Likud. I prefer that Bibi will be in a position to beg Naftali Bennett to join his coalition. I hope that this time Bennett will hold his cards closer to his chest and not take along with him Leftist drek like the stupid Lapid trick he pulled two years ago.

And just in case you want to know which candidate, I'd vote for in NRP primaries if I had been a member, it would be Chani Luz, who for whatever reason wasn't featured in the Jerusalem Post article.


Josh Wander said...

Batya - You are not alone. This is exactly what is being felt by thousands of disenfranchised Israelis across the country. The parties have all shifted to the left and there doesn't seem to be anyone on the right to balance it out!

Batya said...

Josh, thanks, so I'm not crazy.