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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Are Tourists Cancelling Their Trips to France? or Holland?

I just wonder if the American Government has sent out warnings to those American Citizens who are in France the way they do to us here in Israel warning about the dangers of terrorism?

The scene was one of terror yesterday as 19 people were held hostage, including women and children

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I'm just curious whether people who are planning a trip to France get questions like:
"Aren't you scared?"
"Maybe you should pick a safer place."
Those going to Israel are frequently warned of its danger.

My late mother used to reply:
"More people die from falling in their bathrooms."

Someone I know was surprised that people asked if she was worried about her son's trip to Israel, after he finished serving in the American Army:
"No, not compared to Afghanistan."
Strangely, people didn't show as much interest or worry about him when his life was really in danger, but Israel had them terrified.

One of the French Jews who had hidden in the freezer in the Kosher Supermarket was interviewed on Israeli television. He said that he already had plans to bring his family on aliyah to Israel, and he was thinking of moving up the date.

And very worrying for those who think that Europe is still safe,
Pro-Israel rally scrapped in Amsterdam over security concerns
So, please, come to Israel, whether as a tourist, student or immigrant. Of course, I can't guarantee total safety, but no place can.

Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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