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Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Gaza Part of the P.A. Palestinian Authority?

Many people and countries have been trying to distinguish between Fatah and Hamas, Gaza and the P.A., Khaled Mashal/Ismail Haniya and Abbas, Arab Muslim terror and peaceful Islam sic etc. But it really seems that they are all sides of the same coin as the cliche goes.

This morning there's an interesting article on the complaints of Gaza in the Jerusalem Post:
Hamas accuses PA of neglecting Gaza Strip
Hamas officials on Thursday accused the Palestinian Authority government of turning its back on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and called for rescinding the last reconciliation agreement between the two parties.
Hamas’s fury came in response to the PA government’s announcement that it would not pay salaries to civil servants employed by Hamas since it took control over the Gaza Strip in 2007.
The government said it would not be able to fulfill its responsibilities toward the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip unless it’s allowed to regain full control over the area
It makes me wonder... And also, it's already 2015, and Hamas has been ruling there, even according to the article since 2007. So, nu, why this complaint now? Have all these international bodies been supporting the unabashedly terrorist Hamas all this time?

Shilling for Islamic Terrorists

A few months ago I attended a riveting information seminar organized by David Bedein of Israel Resource Review/Israel Behind the News. One of the speakers was Bassam Eid of Activists for Human Rights in the Palestinian Authority, an Arab who made it very clear that the Arabs of Ramalla and the Arabs of Gaza are not of the same culture and society, certainly not the same people. His words constantly come to my mind when I see articles like this one in the Jerusalem Post.

Think about it...

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