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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Can One Protect Oneself Against Terrorism?

The scenes from France as their advanced, well-equipped security forces tried to battle the home-grown Arab Muslim terrorists showed a very frightening situation that can actually happen pretty much anyplace in the Western world.

Smoke is seen at left as French police special forces launch their assault at a kosher supermarket near the Porte de Vincennes in eastern Paris January 9, 2015. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes
Terrorism is related to guerrilla warfare, and masses of well-armed army and police, including all the so-called "special forces" are at a terrible disadvantage. The same goes for all the well-trained "hostage negotiators."

And as difficult as it is to rescue hostages, live ones, from terrorists, predicting attacks and protecting oneself is even more impossible. The calls for "vigilance" make me want to laugh.
London- Britain's Jewish community has been told to institute extra security measures in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris.
The Community Security Trust, which deals with all forms of anti-Semitism in the Jewish community, said that while there was no known link between those responsible for the Paris attacks to individuals in the UK, there would be increased policing in Jewish neighborhoods for Shabbat. (Jerusalem Post)
I remember when we lived in London, and local Jews chastised my husband when his Tallit showed on Shabbat when walking in Golders Green. They warned him that it would make him a target for antisemites, even though the neighborhood was very Jewish, and it was just as easy to recognize them as Jews in their uniform suits, hats and raincoats. This was in 1975-77.

As a terror attack survivor, injured in what was probably the first drive over a bus stop attack by an Arab Muslim terrorist almost twenty years ago, I learned one very crucial lesson. We have no real control over the terrorists. A determined terrorist can go almost any place and attack anyone.

What are you going to tell French or British or American etc Jews?
Don't shop in Jewish stores!
That won't stop the terrorists. They will find other ways and venues to attack. The Charlie Hebdo offices were guarded, but that didn't help them. The guards weren't equipped to stop all who wanted to enter, to check their bodies and bags. The terrorists had easy entry. They don't walk around with uniforms and labels saying:
"I'm a dangerous terrorist. Shoot/arrest me!"
I guess this all sounds so very depressing. We live in a world where and when we want instant cures and solutions. And there isn't one for this sort of terrorism. It's a yin/yang situation out of balance, and the bad is looking stronger than the good.

We must reverse it and make the good stronger than the bad. First of all, the minimum and only punishment for terrorism must be the death penalty, and even better when terrorists are shot and killed by security forces. Those who preach terror and support it must be arrested, kept in solitary and executed. Terror and free speech aren't the same.

Yes, that certainly includes all those NGOs that support Hamas and other Arab terror groups that promote the destruction of the State of Israel. They are all connected to the Muslim terror groups in Europe. As long as the world continues to be in denial, terrorism will continue to grow and expand.

That is the lesson of the Muslim terrorist attacks in France. Hiding Jewish identity and closing synagogues won't protect us. It just gives the Muslim terrorists victory.


Netivotgirl said...

Great post as usual Batya! Why reward the terrorist by having Jews curtail their way of life and hide their Judaism? Bravo my dear!

Batya said...

I felt empowered after surviving a terror attack.

Mr. Cohen said...

“Internal Koranic evidence shows that the Jews of Medina [a city now in Saudi Arabia] were steeped in rabbinical tradition. While celebrating him [Mohammed] as an unlearned person, the hadith [Islamic holy books] acknowledges that Mohammed was confounded by the learned questions of these Jews.”
SOURCE: In Ishmael’s House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands (chapter 2, page 13) by Martin Gilbert, year 2010 CE, published by Yale University Press

SOURCE: In Ishmael’s House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands (chapter , page ) by Martin Gilbert, year 2010, published by Yale University Press

Mr. Cohen said...

“In the 5th century [of the Common Era] Yemen [the land immediately south of Saudi Arabia] adopted Judaism as its religion. King Ab Karib Asad, the ruler of the Himyarite kingdom, introduced the change after converting to Judaism himself under the influence of Jews at his court. Many south Arabian converts to Judaism followed. Jewish rule in Yemen lasted almost 100 years.”

SOURCE: In Ishmael’s House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands (chapter 1, page 5) by Martin Gilbert, year 2010, published by Yale University Press

Anonymous said...

“The conquests of Islam made Jews the subjects of Arab and Muslim rulers in a wide swath of land, stretching from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. Being non-Muslims, these Jews held the inferior status of dhimmi, which, despite giving them protection to worship according to their own faith, subjected them to many vexatious and humiliating restrictions in their daily lives.”

SOURCE: In Ishmael’s House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands (introduction chapter, page xx) by Martin Gilbert, year 2010, published by Yale University Press

Batya said...

Mr. Cohen, thank you for the historical data. I trust you are also "a"

Sammy Finkelman said...

>> The Charlie Hebdo offices were guarded, but that didn't help them. The guards weren't equipped to stop all who wanted to enter, to check their bodies and bags. The terrorists had easy entry.

Actually, it happened this way.

There was a staff member/cartoonist who had her toddler in some kind of day care which let out at about 11 am or so. so she went out to get her and take her ack to the office.

When she arrived back at the building, the two terrorists aimed a Kalashinkov rifle at her and her daughter and told her to enter the key code to let them in. So she did. They pushed her in, too.

They also killed the security guard in the lobby.

Then they raced up to the third floor, but that wasn't the right office. So they went back down to the second floor, where I suppose they had the name of the publication on the door.

It should maybe be like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Inside the offices there was a policeman, the husband of a newspaper editor, that's why he got the job maybe, whose job was to protect a man there. He got off two shots, but was no match for the AK-47s.

And that ging up to the third floor first wasn't the only thing.

At first they entered the wrong door, or the wrong building. But the people there told them they had the wrong address, and Charlie Hebdo was next door.

Why didn't they tell them they were some place far away - 20 to 30 minutes driving, at anonexistent address, or maybe a place that supports terrorism, and if they looked puzzled, tell them they moved - last week.

HaChaim V'moves B'Yad Haloshon.

This actually happened with someone in the grocery store. A 70year old man was there. He said or they knew he was from North Africa. They asked if he was a Moslem. He said he was a Mussawi, which means follower of Moses, which is a respectful term used by Moslems to describe Jews.

Terrorist Amedy Coulibaly apparently misunderstood this to be a form of Islam he hadn’t heard of, and he wasn’t about to reveal his ignorance by asking a question!

So he treated him all right, and in fact became very friendly/

Now maybe I have some of this wrong.

Batya said...

Sammy, it sounds like you could write a modern "The Russians are Coming; The Russians are Coming."
It was an awful mess, and except for the Jew who tricked the terrorists, and the Muslim supermarket worker who hid some customers, most everything went as wrong as it could.

Sammy Finkelman said...

The Jew who tricked the terrorist later was secretly texcting the police. tghe terrorist asked to I think talk over the Internet, later a cellphone. The police told him not to hang up the phone. It wasn't the terrorist who did not hang up. The police had video from teh store camera and audip from the phone. Now they wanted to attack before he found out they had attacked the oher hostage site.

When he started to pray, they moved in.

In the printing plant, there was both the owner and an employee. He told the employee to hide. But theer was not room for two.

One cartoonist - the one who drew his week's cover escaped because it was his birthday. He and his wife - it's not clear to me - stayed out the previous night, and that morning he stopped off to eat, so he was so late for work he arrived after the shooting.

Batya said...

Such siyate d'Shmaya
It could have been much worse.
Sammy, thanks