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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Exaggerated and Dangerous Snow Hysteria- Why Not Use More Public Transportation?

As the mother of five and a grandmother I certainly can understand this drive to protect and even overprotect loved ones. But I think that the demands that we stay home, because most Israelis don't know how to drive in the snow has made things worse than need be.

The recent snow isn't all that deep nor serious. It shouldn't have forced us to miss work, school etc. A decent amount of bus traffic plus some plowing could have gotten the roads safe and clear.

Bus drivers should be trained to drive in snowy and especially slushy conditions. Taxes should be lowered or even cancelled on good quality tires, because good tires are the key to safe driving in snowy and wet conditions, tying with careful driving. The better the treads the safer the driving.

There's no reason for us to be so isolated just because of snow. This is no blizzard. Cancelling public transportation is not a good idea.

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