Wednesday, December 31, 2014

JewishIsrael Well-Received in Houston

posted by JewishIsrael
JewishIsrael's Content and Research Director, Ellen Horowitz, visited Houston last November and reported to the Jewish community on the costs evangelical love and support are exacting on Israeli society.
Ellen’s overall message, which was expressed throughout her visit in Houston was:
 "We cannot reap the benefits from any of our alliances if we cannot establish and hold red lines. The reality on the ground in Israel today reflects our inability to keep our fences intact and assert ourselves as a unique and sovereign nation with exceptional obligations."
In addition to giving presentations, Ellen heard Rabbi Tovia Singer debate a renowned evangelical theologian, and met with the leadership of the Noahide community...more


Batya said...

Very important message, thanks, Ellen.

Anonymous said...

Read the JewishIsrael article on this. Very nice; but we must be very suspect because it seems many are thinking of making Aliyah. The first thing that comes to mind is infiltration. It already exists and Aliyah should be dissauded at first to those whom we know nothing about yet. Instead, it should be promoted to 'Jews' first. There is something wrong with pushing Judaism on those who are not Jews; while there is so much assimilation, intermarriage and ignorance amongst the Jewish people. The last few decades have been a disaster.