Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Please DON'T BLAME G-D!!!

One of my pet peeves, long-time gripes is that people blame G-d for the faults, mistakes, sins of man.

Yes, this is a theological, philosophical rant of mine. I really hate when people start off by saying:

  • "Why did G-d allow...?"
  • "Why did G-d do...?"
  • "How did G-d...?"
  • "G-d shouldn't have..."
  • "I'm angry with G-d, because..."
I'm sure you can give more examples, when so many times the reason people are blaming G-d is for things done by other people, not by G-d Almighty. 

Yes, G-d is almighty and can change nature easily, bring people back from the dead, heal the sick and control timing and more. But G-d gave us a very special gift, and that is the difference between us human beings, Jews and non-Jews alike, for good and for evil, and angels. Angels are more like robots programmed by G-d to do specific tasks. Chazal, our Sages, tell us that each mal'ach angel has one responsibility it is supposed to do for G-d. It doesn't have Free Will; it isn't capable of rebellion or refusal. 

The gift G-d gave just to us humans is the responsibility of Free Will. And yes, it's a responsibility. And that is why we can be punished, whether in This World, עולם הזה Olam HaZeh, or עולם הבא Olam HaBa, The Next World. That's also why G-d is always testing us and challenging us.

There are also many, many things totally out of our control which can sadden and anger us. And our greatest challenge is to keep our faith in G-d no matter how much we may be upset and angry about things in This World.


miryam heiliczer said...

Batya, great conversation starter! One of the things that perplex people so, is that we are taught G-d loves us, He wants only our good, He intervenes with His creation on a personal level...You see where I am going? So if this is the case why do His creations suffer so much? Why is there such pervasive evil in the world? If A = B, then why shouldn't we ask G-d "WHY?".
Perhaps the broad, general response might be "because He wants us to repair something? He wants us to learn something? He wants to heal us of something that we don't understand? He wants us to LOVE OUR FELLOW CREATED BEINGS? IT is when we are deaf to HIS teaching, fail to heed HIS instructions that we bring about our own misery. Certainly if we don't learn from the mistakes we make (and who is immune to this?) we are doomed to repeat them, over and over and over again until maybe, one day we get it right!

Batya said...

Miryam, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

rutimizrachi said...

Well... just to mix things up a bit... While I agree that we have free will, and when evil "shkutzim" do terrible things to my people, I blame THEM -- I also have had times when I am angry with God. Fortunately, I was taught that He has broad shoulders, and can take my puny little fist-shaking rage.

I prefer to keep my angry discussions with God between the two of us, as I would with a father I loved and respected. My father Avraham Avinu set the tone for religious dissent with our Father. While I am respectful when I "argue" with Him, and I know that I know nothing, and He knows everything, I suspect He allows for a certain amount of venting when we feel helpless.

I try to save up my fits of temper for very large problems. He has promised to one day bring Mashiach -- even if we are unworthy -- and my Sages say that when that happens, teenagers won't be murdered, little children won't be firebombed or crushed by car weapons, people won't die of horrible, lingering diseases, beautiful people will not be lonely or childless, etc., etc., etc... I believe God understands my impatience.

Batya said...

Ruti, we should just try to do our best!

Sammy Finkelman said...

Yes, "bonov mumom" but "v'atzat hashem hee tokum" so the complaint might be legitimate, or at least a good question.

In the sedrahs we have been reading, it was God who sent Yoseph to Mitzraim and all of that - yet it was the result of not only free will, by the sons of yaacov, but what could only be described as sin.

It's food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, everything in life is a 'mashal', a teaching experience. Secondly, cannot understand why man has the audacity to blame G-D. When we accepted the Torah at Har Sinai - we all said at one time, 'na'aseh v'nishmah' (we will do and we will heed). This greatest of gifts that we received, the Torah, teaches us how to live and in it, H' forewarns us of the consequences if we do not adhere to His Commandments; but we easily forget HIM and His Warnings and think we will get away with anything. When the community of Israel, especially in the Holy Land of Israel, sin, such as the leadership and where the Jews allow it and follow their lead, the consequences are even harsher. All is written and forewarned, but even with all that HE loves us as a father who forgives his children. The blame lies with man and not our Father in Heaven. In the end, life is all a test and challenges, all to bring us back to Hashem. Y'hiyeh Tov!

Batya said...

Thank you all. We all have so much to improve.
Way back when in response to murdrous terror attacks new commumities would be named for terror victims I wondered if we had built more communities they would be alive

Franco said...

Your soul is an angel too! The body is a vehicle through which the angel can take action on this world. The problem is that for various reasons most of the people live too much apart from the angel, even worse many of them reject the angel they should hear through their conscience and become vehicles of demons. To repair this is part of Moshiach's job, so hold on!