Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Eddie and Uncle Siggy Changed Everything

Everyone knows that Freud changed, for better or for worse, how we think about the inside of our heads and everybody else's, how we look at relationships and much more. That is mostly due to the popularizing of Freud rather than Freud himself. We know that a lot of advertising and motivational research gets into those crevices in our psyche in funny ways because of psychology. So it is surprising to discover that one man is responsible for all of the above, and he is none other than Freud's own American nephew, Edward Bernays, who passed away only a few years ago at the ripe, maybe overripe, old age of 103. Check out this series of documentaries. P.S. He also gets into psychology of politics and electioneering, a timely topic around here these days.


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BTW, thanks and a tip of the headgear to Binyamin Simon for that link.

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