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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Searching for The RIGHT Political Party in Israel

Many, many Israeli citizens want a Right wing Prime Minister from a reliably Right wing pro-Jews in the Land of Israel political party.  We just have one problem. There isn't such a thing.

Present Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's polices are more Center-Left than Right. He's from the Likud, which has many Rightist supporters, members and even some politicians, but when they are in power they swing Left. Remember that Bibi is a supporter of a "Palestinian sic State." That takes him firmly out of the Right. And he runs a tight ship in Likud. The party platform and campaign speeches sound rather Right-Center, but his policies have been more to the Left than Right.

Netanyahu brought in rabid Leftists to his most recent coalition, allowing Livni and Lapid too much power. Considering that Lapid got in on NRP Bennett's coattails is most disturbing, because many people consider Naftali Bennett and his NRP aka Jewish Home Party to be strongly Right. It does have a high percentage of Right support, and it does have quite a few Right MKs at present. But then the big question that still troubles many is:
Why did Bennett make that pact with Lapid and then pressure Bibi to take them both into the cabinet?
It's important to remember that the NRP is traditionally a Centrist party and was always proud that whether the Israeli Government was Right, Left or Center, it (NRP) was happy to join the coalition and blend in like a pet chameleon.

Amir Levy/Flash 90
Apparently this upcoming election's "great white hope," Moshe Kahlon isn't all as Right as he's cracked up to be. Kahlon, like Bibi, will give away our Land.
"Former Likud minister Moshe Kahlon, who is forming his own party and will run for the next Knesset, said on Friday he would not rule out giving up territory for peace." (Arutz 7)
Stay tuned. We will have a hot winter here in Israel!


Anonymous said...

Bennett is as 'right' as Bibi and all the others; they're all to the 'left'. Except for those few who are real ohavei Yisrael, the rest are just a bunch of politicans looking for power and only do the 'left's bidding anyway.

Batya said...

Has Bennett said anything about a "Palestinian" sic state?

yehuda said...

they are all extreme left, except Bennett who is - i'm not sure what he is but he's not left - the Bennett plan has always been a bit foggy, not clear whether he advocates the status quo in areas A and B, or a "Palestinian State" in those areas (only). the point being, that (as Moshe Feiglin is always quick to point out) the idea of a "Palestinian State" was first proposed by Uri Avnery, and it was vehemently opposed even by the leftist parties, for many years afterwards.

Batya said...

True, Anyone who is happy in the coalition can't be Right.