Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big Deal, Bennett Told Indyk to $#!!#$%! The "Two State Solution;" He Should Tell Bibi!!

For the past few days, the news has been full of the very public argument between Israel's Minister of the Economy NRP's (yes, I know it's now called the Jewish Home) Naftali Bennett and United States envoy Martin Indyk.
“We have to undo the years of nonsense that the peace industry has fermented, which led us to the position where the world thinks we are occupiers in our own land,” Bennett said.
Sitting next to Bennett on the stage at the Willard Hotel conference room was Martin Indyk, until recently the Obama administration’s special peace envoy, who was tasked with interviewing Bennett. But as the Israeli minister laid out his worldview, including dismissal of the two-state solution, Indyk, who initially sought only to point out what he saw as “inconsistencies” in Bennett’s plan, grew visibly impatient.
“I just think you live in another reality,” he told the Israeli speaker.
“I live in another reality?” Bennet shot back, “I’ve been in the first intifada, the second intifada, I’ve been on ground there. I know more than Oslo and more than all those conferences …. You live in a different reality.”
Then, escalating the already contentious discussion Bennett turned to Indyk and asked: “How many people need to die before you wake up?”

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I agree with Bennett with all I heard him say to Indyk, but he was chopping down the wrong cherry tree or shooting the wrong target.... Israel's problem isn't Indyk, nor Obama, nor Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, nor the U.N., innumerable NGOs or even the media. Our problem is much closer to home.

Bennett's boss and new buddy Bibi Netanyahu, our Prime Minister, is a firm and enthusiastic supporter of a Palestinian state, yes, the "two state solution." I just heard him expound on it again, recently on Israeli television. And that is why I will not vote Likud in the upcoming elections, nor will I vote for Bennett's party, because a vote for either is a vote for the "two state solution," meaning another Arab terror state!

Not new, but still accurate.


Shiloh said...

Absoulutly Bibi wants a 2 state final solution. People juat don't see how he could stab us in the back, but he will do it. There are incredible amounts of money flowing between the 'PA' and the Israeli counterparts. Why would a people who are doing good business want to upset the apple cart for some religious dream? Think about it, we have ditched God in more ways then one.

Batya said...

I work with Arabs and doubt they want a change in status quo.

Anonymous said...

Not b ennet not b ibi so who's left.

I mean all are left but who's right.

Whom are you voting for then? Think twice. Because splinter party votes mean throwing one's vote away. Think about it.

Batya said...

I can't decide whom or for what to vote until the parties are official.
Likud isn't a Right party. It's center, and NRP is also more Center than right.

goyisherebbe said...

Bibi doesn't want a two-state solution. He only wants to stay Prime Minister. He hopes he can stay Prime Minister and keep it from happening by being clever enough. Israel needs a leader who can have the backbone to say no. We are not a poor country dependent on the world's scraps any more. Listen to Moshe Feiglin's Bar-Ilan speech.

Batya said...

goyish, just a couple of weeks ago or less I heard Bibi on the tv news saying that "the Palestinians deserve their own state." He's committed to it and hasn't reneged.