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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I've Voted in The Likud Primaries

Yes, I voted in the Likud Primaries! Please don't ask me whom I voted for, because I was so confused and nervous with the exact counting, that I don't really remember.

We were given three envelopes to fill.

And we had a form to check and color-coded pieces of paper for the two smaller envelopes, as you can see. The blue envelope got a blue paper with either Bibi Netanyahu, Danny Danon or Abstain. The form to check, needed exactly 12 checks, one on the bottom and eleven taking up the bulk of the paper. The little white papers which went into the plain white envelope were for a "referendum" of sorts. We were voting to give or not give the head of the party the right to veto results and play around with the order of candidates or bring in outsiders who didn't run. The choices were "for," "against" or "abstain."  

A couple of elections ago, Bibi did override the results and even got the Likud's "judicial" to permit it. I hope that enough voters tell him to lay off, so he, or any future leader, won't dare to do such an immoral and undemocratic act. So, if you're curious, I didn't vote for Bibi, nor did I abstain. And of course, I voted נגד Negged, Against.

To confuse matters, even though we were given three envelopes, there were only two boxes. That meant that the people manning the polling stations actually had to keep explaining over and over what to do, how to dispose of the third envelope and still have it counted.

Saving the best for last, I'll show you the carnival-like atmosphere on the sidewalk leading to the polling station here in Shiloh.

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