Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Women's Holiday, Rosh Chodesh

I remember the first time I heard the custom of Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the Jewish Month, being the "women's holiday," and that according to Jewish Law, we shouldn't be working on that day. How in the world could that be arranged?

And then for many years I worked in a yeshiva high school, and it always seemed that the staff meetings were on Rosh Chodesh. Most of the staff was male, so even if there was a community event for women, it didn't affect too many of us, just the women.

But then I came up with the idea of women coming to Shiloh to pray on Rosh Chodesh. When you think about it, it's a pretty sensible idea. The Jewish Laws of Prayer are based on how the Biblical Chana prayed, and she prayed in Shiloh.

I may do "work" things on Rosh Chodesh, but at least I now spend time at the site of the Biblical Tabernacle praying with other women, at Tel Shiloh, Shiloh Hakeduma.

G-d willing, next Rosh Chodesh, Tevet, will be during Chanukah. Please plan your Chanukah around it, and join us.

Women's Prayers at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Monday December 22, 2014
30th of Kislev, 5775, 8:30am
Tour of Tel Shiloh
Dvar Torah, Short Torah Lesson
Please come and invite family, friends and neighbors
תפילת נשים ראש חודש טבת בשילה הקדומה, תל שילה
יום ב' 22-12 ל' כסלו תשע"ה 8:30
יהיה דבר תורה קצר וסיור בתל
כדאי לבוא ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

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Mark your calendar, and join us. For more information, please contact me at with "Rosh Chodesh at Tel Shiloh" as subject, thanks.

You can visit the holy site anytime. Guided tours can be arranged through the Shiloh HaKeduma, Ancient Shiloh office. Email or phone 02-994-4019. 

Have a wonderful and blessed month. May the rain be a blessing for all, G-d willing.


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