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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Is There an Israeli Politician with the Guts to Really Destroy The Arab Terrorist Enemy?

Here we are again in Elections, 5775, 2015, just two years after the previous ones.  And we're just a half a year after a war which saw Tel Aviv and Israel's south under attack. Actually the entire country was running to shelters this past summer.

And when the dust finally settled, nothing really changed.

The loony Left led by Tsipi Livni and Issac Herzog, who have officially united politically, kept blaming the Likud's Bibi Netanyahu for not negotiating "peace" with the terrorists who aim to destroy all of us, our country and all the population. And although the public and the brave soldiers in the IDF were willing and supporting a war to "finish the enemy," again, our Prime Minister, and it really doesn't seem to matter who is ruling--we've seen the scene before--agreed to a "ceasefire" the minute the enemy even hinted at it, even though we all know that "ceasefire in Arabic means reload."


This cycle is dangerous, and I don't see either of Israel's two largest parties offering anything to break it. So our choice in choosing whom to vote for in another month and a half is to choose a political party that will be a strong influence on the Prime Minister of Israel.

Polls now show the Likud as top vote getter and Jewish Home as number three. It's rather revealing that the Jerusalem Post article only reveals the negative anti-Netanyahu numbers and not the comparative percentages wanting him versus those wanting Herzog or Livni.
The percentage of respondents saying they do not want Netanyahu to remain prime minister fell to 52% from 55% last week and 58% the week before.
That nasty bit of editorializing certainly shows/hints that Israelis don't want anyone but Bibi as Prime Minister, no matter which party they plan on voting for. I agree that at this point none of the candidates seem better, as dissatisfied we are with him. I wonder what numbers they are hiding.

I found a site, http://knessetjeremy.com/ which shows all or most of the polls. Here is shows that depending on polls, it's either Likud or Labor aka Zionist Front sic leading, with a difference so small that it can be either.

Maybe I'm just "projecting," but I think that most Israelis are disappointed that there isn't a candidate running a party whom we can rely on to really do what must be done to insure Israeli security and sovereignty.

Just like five minutes can mean many changes in football or basketball scores, a month and a half are a very long time in Israeli Knesset Elections.

"It ain't over till it's over."


Sammy Finkelman said...

Netanyahu seems to be focusing on only one enemy: Iran.

Batya said...

Sammy, all talk. Our immediate danger is losing the country by giving our Land to the local Arabs. The "two state solution" is the real danger to us. Iran is a big danger to the entire world.

Sammy Finkelman said...

A two-state solution, but not a 3-state solution. Yet right now the Palestinian authority does not control Gaza, so you could only have a 3-state "solution."

Actually a non-solution, since the problem is Arab hatred and lies about Israel, and that does nothing to solve it. The only thiong it solves, is that it makes the siuation of Israel fit into the current international scheme of things. Cyprus doesn't either, but nobody cares too much.

It is hard to imagine unobtructed, unsupervised and unmonitored by Israel passage between Gaza and the rest, since Israel's whole stratregy has been sending and keeping terrorists in Gaza.

Nothing can happen, although Israel might commit itself theoretically to some things, and when it's theoretical, it's somewhat easy to agree.

Batya said...

Arabs in Gaza do not consider themselves one people with Arabs in Shechem or Jerusalem.

Sammy Finkelman said...

>> Arabs in Gaza do not consider themselves one people with Arabs in Shechem or Jerusalem.

They may or they may not. I don't know. But there are different rukers, not very likely to unite, although they pretend to. It's impossible, because one or the otehr or someone other people must be the rulers.

Real, real fiction is going on here, and the 2-state "solution" among other things, depends on this fiction.

The world lumps them together into a single state, and nobody wants Hamas to have the power to issue passports, so that's the way things stand now..

UN lumps

But theer are different rulers

Batya said...

Everything the world worships and claims about the "P" people is a lie.