Friday, February 20, 2015

Since The Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorists The PA is Responsible for Terrorism

There's  a landmark trial going on in New York against the Palestinian Authority, which is being charged as responsible for the terrorism which has resulted in the death and injuries of many innocent Israelis and visitors.
The Associated Press
FILE - In this July 31, 2002 file photo. police and volunteers examine the body of one of the victims of an explosion at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Palestinian officials are nervously watching a landmark terrorism trial in the U.S brought by victims of Palestinian suicide bombings and shootings aimed at civilians, fearing a negative verdict could hurt their international image at a time when they are preparing to press war crimes charges against Israel. (AP Photo/John McConnico, File) (U.S.News)
At issue are several Palestinian attacks between 2001 and 2004 targeting civilians, including a bombing at a packed cafeteria at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, as well as suicide bombings and shootings on busy streets.
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of the Israel-based Shurat HaDin Law Center, a lawyer who is representing the victims' families, said "it will definitely have an impact" on the Palestinians' image, saying the case is "full of evidence" that Palestinian Authority security men helped plan or carry out the attacks.
"Those involved in the attacks still receive salaries from the Palestinian Authority and still get promoted in rank while in jail," she said. Families of suicide bombers receive monthly salaries from a Palestinian "martyr's foundation," she said.
She said a militant linked to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party drove a female suicide bomber to downtown Jerusalem, where she set off her explosives on a busy street in 2002, killing an 81-year-old man and wounding dozens. The driver is currently in Israeli prison, she said. (U.S.News)
Coming only months after the September 23 verdict against Jordan’s Arab Bank for terrorism financing, a win against the PA would signal a clear, more plaintiff-friendly playing field for filing US terrorism cases, despite years without a high-profile victory...Represented by Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Center and Kent Yalowitz of Arnold & Porter, the plaintiffs’ central points are that a significant number of PA employees, including numerous policemen and commanders, have been arrested and convicted by Israel as having organized, planned and perpetrated suicide bombings and shootings against Americans in Israel, including the six attacks from 2001-2004 in the case during the second intifada.
They said that the terrorists, many convicted in Israel’s military West Bank courts, continue to get salaries and stipends from the PA despite the fact that they are sitting in Israeli jails for murder, attempted murder and membership of terrorist organizations.
Next, they presented evidence that these convicted terrorists receive regular promotions in rank from the PA as they sit in jail.
Also, they brought evidence that the PA pays “martyr” payments to the families of suicide bombers and other terrorists who are killed in terrorist attacks. (Jerusalem Post)
Neighbors of mine are among those Israelis who have had to travel to New York to testify in the trial. They are not public people by nature, but they feel it their duty to talk about the permanent results, disabilities their son now suffers, even though to look at him, fully dressed one doesn't see anything wrong. His body is full of scars and internal injuries. Also his vision has been seriously damaged. And they are the lucky ones. Other neighbors' son was murdered in the same attack, and the granddaughter of others was murdered, too.

It's no secret that security prisoners and their families get a special pension from the Palestinian Authority, which shows its support for terrorism against Jews/Israelis. In the New York Times article I quoted yesterday Arabs admit that the income is a reason they try to get arrested.
...the all-but-inevitable time behind bars as worth it, given that it comes with a monthly stipend the Palestinian Authority pays all its prisoners.
I hope the New York jury is truly wise.


Sammy Finkelman said...

The PA is probably just laundering money.

Batya said...

We are all waiting for the verdict. The payments to the terrorists are very crucial to our case.