Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yes, Sherri Mandell, For Journalists, We are Just Pawns

Koby Mandell
My story isn't as horrific as the one that Sherri Mandell tells:
How Brian Williams (and Tom Brokaw) betrayed my family
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Just in case you've forgotten or just don't know who Sherri Mandell is, she is the mother of Koby Mandell, HaY"ad, who was brutally murdered, along with a friend, by Arab terrorists one day when they were hiking near their homes in Tekoa.

There's a line in her article that hit me like a deja vu hammer. Brian Williams asked Mandell and her husband if they had a gun. When they answered in the affirmative, Williams requested that they bring the gun so he could photograph them with it.

About thirty years ago, one day, someone, actually a handful of people knocked on our door. I was home with four out of our five children.
"Hello, we're from time ink."
"Time ink? I thought to myself. What's that."
I must have looked rather confused, because they quickly said:
"TIME Magazine."
Then I understood.

They came in to the small crowded house we lived in at the time. And they asked me questions. After three years in Shiloh I was pretty experienced in handling journalists, though I looked more like a harried housewife amateur.

Among the benign ordinary questions they asked, suddenly they asked if we had a gun.
"Yes," I answered.
"Can you show it to us?"
I had visions of a photograph of me with a gun and a baby on the cover of TIME Magazine. I may have an ego, but I also have common sense. Such a photo would not be good at all in terms of Hasbara, Israel's and more specifically Jews of YESHA's information campaign.
"I don't know where it is," was my reply.
A couple of weeks later I saw the article in the magazine. I wasn't mentioned at all. I consider it a draw. They couldn't find any way to make me look bad, so they left me out of their article.

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