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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vive la Différence, Today versus 1930's in Europe!

Danish police secure
 the scene near
where the suspect
was shot dead early
on Sunday.
Michael Probst/AP
As awful as the present antisemitism in Europe is, there is an extremely crucial and reassuring difference between now and the 1930's when the Nazis rose to power and began their systematic destruction of Jewish life in Europe. I think that it is very important to point this out.

We all know that the world, Europe, Britain and the Americas sat by silently, complicitly as the Nazis began their first discrimination which escalated to the Holocaust, the murder of six million Jews and millions of others.

There are two major differences today.
  • Today's antisemitism/terrorism against Jews is privately instigated. It's not government policy.
  • Today the governments feel necessity to condemn anti-Jewish acts, especially when they result in murder.
Finally, in Europe at least it is no longer "PC," politically correct to condone or ignore the murder of Jews.  The United States Obama Government still refuses to admit that the Muslims are intentionally terrorizing and murdering Jews for antisemitic ideology. This is something the American public must correct and vote in a better more moral president.

I'm not saying that things are perfect. Remember that the French Government tried to keep Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from attending the anti-terrorism rally, and they are trying to convince French Jewry to stay and not emigrate to Israel. 

Smashed Graves in France on Sunday / AFP
The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called on Jews to not heed the call of Benjamin Netanyahu to leave Europe and resettle in Israel, but his comments have come against a background of extreme violence and anti-Semitic attacks.
Vall’s comments came only hours after the discovery of a major attack on a Jewish cemetery in north-east France, and the execution-style murder of a Jewish man in Denmark as part of a terrorist rampage which has left two dead and dozens injured. Danish police are reportedly working on a line of investigation that links the killings at the weekend, which took place at a freedom of speech conference and synagogue in Copenhagen with the Charlie Hebdo attacks last month. (Breitbart)

Just the fact that the French Government is saying something is a great improvement over the Vichy Government... And the Danish Government has been verbally upset by the antisemitic terror attack.

G-d willing the Moshiach, Messiah is on His/Her way....


Anonymous said...

I think that it is a mistake to compare the current situation to the 1930s alone and take comfort from the fact that this latest manifestation of antisemitism is not a result of official government policy.

Throughout Jewish history there have been plenty of times when grassroot mobs murdered Jews: Cliffords Tower, York, the Tatenu massacres, Ukranian pogroms etc, etc. At times these massacres were even condemned by officials of the government or church.

Whilst the French government and French people may not be braying for Jewish blood, they have created a pervasive atmosphere via the media and in their deficient response to thousands of acts of antisemitism in France whereby it is no longer possible to be a "Jew on the street".

In this climate the perpetrators of these murderous attacks have grown brazen. Futhermore, they are not isolated individuals gone crazy. They are funded by Arab governments and are acting in furtherance of their ideology. Thus it is a war against Jews.

The "je suis Charlie" demonstration was about just that: Charlie, not the Jews. Very rarely have non-Jews demonstrated when the victims have only been Jewish. I'm sorry to say that Jewish blood is still cheap in Europe (and the world).

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that there is nothing the world likes better than a photo-op with head bowed sorrowfully in respect for murdered Jews.

Until Jews can live normally and openly without the need for security services of any kind and without being held individually responsible for the actions of the Israeli government it's all just lip service.

It's true that Europe is not yet a full-blown second Third Reich, but it is already the setting for the Third Stage of Jihad.

Stage #1: Stealth Jihad
Stage #2: Defensive Jihad
Stage #3: Offensive Jihad


AlfromBrooklyn said...

I totally agree with Anonymous on this point. I'm an American Jew who has been living in Paris for the last 15 years (but about to make by Aliya B'H this July!!) and my 4 year old daughter thinks it's perfectly normal to have the army protecting her throughout the day at her pre-school, and ditto at the synagogue. There are 10 soldiers who sleep at the school and another 6 who sleep at our synagogue. The police station right near my house has been protecting itself for the past 6 weeks!! It's very dangerous to wear a kippa in the metro. Also, there is a good chance that the extreme right wing party, the National Front, will come to power in either 2017 or 2022,, and this will surely lead to a massive aliyah. Most Jews I speak to here are very pessimistic and are planning their exit. So the current government may criticize the anti-Semites, but in the end if it's unliveable, it just doesn't make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I also lived in Paris, but a long time ago now. I lived in student dorms, there were many Arabs there too and everyone knew I was Jewish. At the time, I never gave it a second thought.That's how different it was.

I think that two important points to remember are:
1) that just as generals are known to fight the last war and not realise that tactics have changed, so too with antisemitism, in every generation the antisemites use different tactics.
2) the Holocaust did not happen overnight, but rather it was a gradual process. Instead of resisting or leaving when it was still possible many people adapted (this is not a criticism just an observation).

Muslim terrorists in the West have "Israelised" Europe in that murderous attacks against Jews have become the "new normal".

Some talkbackers on the "ten hour walk through Paris" suggested that as a Jew walking through "no-go zones" the journalist is himself an antagonising presence. The reaction of a young Muslim boy (obviously not yet imbued with hatred, but au fait with his own culture) is most telling: "what's he doing here he'll get himself killed". No go zones are normal, Jews being targeted by Muslims on account of their religion is normal, and too a massive police and army presence at every Jewish institution, and that precisely is the problem.

Batya said...

A's and Al, how depressing. I was hoping that there would be something good to write about for a change.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that Batya (the "As" are all one, moi), but it is the truth. The good news is that French Jews do have somewhere to leave to, somewhere that is begging for them to come.

The problem as always is what will happen to the weaker members of the community: the sick, the elderly, the less well-off. How will they fare when a substantial proportion of the stronger members have left.

Batya said...

I did understand that the first two a's are one, but you say that #3 is also you?
Quite a few of the Russians brought their parents to Israel and then left them.
I have been seeing, or more accurately hearing more and more French in various places in Israel. Good luck to you!