Monday, February 23, 2015

Israeli Politicians, Real Military Heroes or What?

Since yesterday late afternoon, Israeli media has been full of reports and pictures of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and security staff rescuing a victim of a terrorist stabbing just near his office.

Unlike American President Barack Hussein Obama, who spent his late adolescence in a haze of pot smoke, Bibi Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and Nir Barkat were busy on the front-line and enemy territory in defense of the State of Israel.

Nir Barkat

Naftali Bennett

Bibi Netanyahu

In Israel, army service forms great lasting friendships. In units like the ones Netanyahu, Barkat and Bennett served, one counted on one's fellow soldiers in life-threatening situations. Actually, not only in a personal sense but for the security of the entire State of Israel.

Leftist leaders, Isaac (Bouji) Herzog and Yair Lapid had safe desk jobs, Intelligence and Journalism in the IDF.

Think about it. With whom would you like to trust your life and country?


Anonymous said...

I would differentiate between an intelligence analyst and a reporter. Both are 'desk jobs', but one is fighting for Israel's security in other ways and one writes articles.

Batya said...

Neither compare to the hands on heroism and daring of the others.