Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Must Stop the Establishment of a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State NOW!

Why should Jews be forced to grovel and arrange permits before being allowed to holy shrines in the Land of Israel?

Demand Freedom of Worship For Jews!!

Why has the State of Israel turned over security responsibilities to Arab terrorists?

This makes no sense. No mormal country would allow a bunch of gangsters so much power!

I find the following newscast very disturbing. Every time I hear Kadima MK Nachman Shai I get sicker. He honestly doesn't have a clue as to what is a Jew, Jewish History and our Land.

Carl's Israel Matzav gives a detailed report about the murderous attack on Jews who had just prayed in Joseph's Tomb. Besides the Arab terrorists, the actual shooters, the murder of Ben-Yosef Livnat, HaYa"D, can be directly traced to Defense Minister Ehud Barak and his weak defense policies. We're still paying for them with innocent lives, while Barak enjoys the perks of high government office. He hasn't paid for his mistakes.

We must stop supporting the establishment of a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State. There is no way we can control it. At present we can't control the "PA." And don't forget that Hamas Fatah and are the same. There's no difference. They admit it.


JDL London Canada said...

I'm with you on that one. The pressure needs to also come from abroad.

Batya said...

Main pressure must start here in Israel. It's our job to lead and yours to follow.