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Monday, April 11, 2011

Objective News, Is It An Impossible Dream?

I used to get very upset by how political, propaganda-filled, slanted etc. ad nausuem Israeli news is.  then  few years ago, when I was still teaching int he system, I discovered that Israelis don't know the meaning of the word and concept "objective."  I had been trying to explain it my students.  What a futile wast of time.  They hadn't a clue while at the same time they kept on insisting  that they understood the word.  That's why Israeli journalist will look you straight in the eye and insist that they provide objective news coverage.  They have no idea that they're ignorant.

Nu, what's the BBC's excuse for the blatantly onesided, anti-Israel programs?

Yes, please watch the movie, BBC Ethics Unveiled: Lies About Jerusalem, Lies About Guidelines.

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