Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Caroline Glick Thinks Goldstone Lacks an Elephant's Hide

Not all ago I mused on the causes of  Goldstone's publicizing his "doubts" about the infamous report named after him.  Caroline Glick wrote about the same issue plus.  She mentions that the ostracism he has experienced since the report made a serious dent.
When Goldstone issued his tendentious report, he no doubt assumed he would suffer no personal consequences for claiming IDF soldiers and commanders are war criminals and that Israeli Jews are neurotic. After all, everyone libels Israel and gets away with it.

But rather than get a pass for his behavior, Goldstone got ostracized. Following the government's lead, Jewish activists throughout the world attacked him for his lies. Everywhere he went he was challenged. Obviously, these attacks had an effect on him that attempts to appease him would not have had.

If she's correct it shows that ordinary people do have the power to affect change. We just have to work harder and focus on susceptible individuals, politicians and public figures.

I have no doubt that the Israeli Left broke Menachem Begin. If you read about his agreement with Egypt's Sadat, or listen to his words at the Museum at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, it's clear that his rationale/feelings were that he expected to be lauded forever as a great "peacemaker." He wasn't. He lost the support of many of us who had once respected and trusted him, while at the same time, the Left never let go of their antagonism. Once he ordered the IDF to enter Lebanon, the Left had their cause and strongly opposed the military action. Their attacks on Begin and his policies hit him hard.

Binyamin Netanyahu is a tougher nut to crack, because he isn't an idealist. He prides himself on his knowledge and logic. I have no doubt that there is a way of getting to him.

We must pick just a few powerful people and get them to turn Right and become loyal supporters of Jewish Rights in all of the Land of Israel.

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