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Parshat Metzora – The 50 Gates of Binah by Tzvi Briks

Parshat Metzora – The 50 Gates of Binah by Tzvi Briks

Due to the fact that Pesach is only 1 and half weeks away, there will be a slight departure from the norm, and we will discuss Pesach for the next 2 weeks and thereafter return to the Parshat Hashavua.

There were many different spiritual events that occurred simultaneously on the miraculous night and first day of Pesach. They include the topics of the details of the unfolding of the Supernal Mochin (Brains) of Hashem Elokei Yisrael, the birth of the Ze’ir Anpin and Malchut in one fell swoop representing the Kadosh Baruch Hu (KBH) and the Shechina, the renewed providence over Klal Yisrael, the “swallowing of the Bloods” (Havla’at Hadamim), the internal and surrounding Chassadim and Gevurot (positive energies giving rise to the male aspect of the KBH and the negative, recipient energies giving rise to the female aspect of the Shechina), and the sweetening or mitigation of the 120 Dinim (all inclusive negative energies) among other topics.

One of the most important topics was the correction of the 50 Gates of Binah that occurred on the night and first day of Pesach. To understand this, we first need to understand the concept of the Zayin Malchei Edom, the 7 Red Kings. Their enfoldment is mentioned in Parshat Vayishlach. The 7 Kings mentioned were (in abridged form) Bella, Yovav, Chusham, Hadad, Samla, Sha’ul, and Ba’al Chanan. They all lived, ruled, and died. However the 8th King, Hadar, that corrected all the others lived, ruled, but did not die. He was also married to Mehait’avel.

The Arizal relates that from the dimension of Adam Kadmon (the primordial Adam prototype) Lights escaped from the orifices of the so to speak ears, nostrils, and mouth. These are an ideal spiritual state called Achaf. This is an absolute state not needing correction. When Adam Kadmon’s eyes peered at the combined lights of Achaf, the vessels that contained the lights were shattered. This is the world or dimension of points (Nekudim). It is a defected dimension. There were 2 reasons for the defected dimension:
1. The vessels or containers could not tolerate the Divine Light and therefore shattered.
2. Each vessel became egoistic and decided to become King and rule with the divine Light. This caused the lights to leave and the vessels to shatter.
The result was the major ascension of lights from the containers back to their source energy, and the descent of the shattered vessels to a much lower spiritual dimension. This occurred at the level of B’an. This is the expanded spelling of the Tetragrammaton with Heh’s. The Tetragrammaton is the divine binding force of Hashem. Therefore, the Lights that left the eyes of Adam Kadmon and peered at the lights of Achaf causing the shattering of the vessels, were the lights of B’an, clearly female in nature. The shattering of the vessels left a space for evil to exist, but in an inoperative state. This occurred in the precreative state and was called the world or dimension of Chaos. The enfolding of the Dimensions of rectification followed. It also came from within Adam Kadmon This came from the light of M’ah. This is the expansion of the spelling of the Tetragrammaton with Aleph’s. It represents the rectifying force of Hashem and is decidedly male in character.

The Zayin Malchei Edom or 7 Red Kings are the vessels that shattered in the World of Nikudim and come from the name of B’an. However each and every defect in any dimension represents the 7 Malchei Edom that need rectification because they are all inclusive in all dimensions below Achaf.

There exist 120 Dinim or all inclusive negative energies. They form the lock to each gate of the 50 Gates of Binah or understanding. They are metaphysical locks to each and every gate. They prevent the flow of the Supernal mothering image of Hashem through which the Supernal fathering image of Hashem also flows. There are 45 parts to 6 of the 120 Dinnim of each and every one of the 7 Red Kings in each of the 50 gates that come from the name of B’an. These are negative and nature and need to be corrected. These are corrected by the new light of M’ah of 7 new Red Kings. The rectifying force does this rectification. It is extremely positive in nature.

If the 7 Red Kings from the light of B’an are the locks to the 50 Divine Gates of understanding preventing the divine force from being realized, then the new 7 Red Kings from the light of Mah rectifies the locks with a new key, opens the divine gate for all the 50 gates and therefore allows the rectifying divine flux to come through all the gates all at once.

This occurred on the night and next day of Pesach where all the 7 Red kings from the name of B’an were corrected by the new names of M’ah of the 7 new Red Kings, changed all the locks, and allowed the divine flow to come in from Hashem. This was an infinitesimal correction on each level. It was also Messianic in time, space, and soul and therefore allowed for the redemption to occur as a paradigm for a future redemption. Therefore, the initial “big bang” of precreation and its defect was rectified on the first night and next day of Pesach, the vessels were corrected, and the lights of Achaf were restored to their ideal state.

Tzvi Briks – based upon the Hagada of the Rashash
5th of Nissan, 5771

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