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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Greatest Mitzvah (G-d's Commandment to Us)

The greatest mitzvah, commandment given by G-d, is saving a life.  Judaism doesn't forbid fighting to protect ourselves, others and our Holy Land.  King David earned his stripes as leader of the Jewish People by being a very brave soldier/defender/fighter.  The idea/theory/ideology that learning Torah and neither working nor bearing arms in the IDF Israel Defense Forces is a legitimate reason for deferment from military service isn't based on Judaism.  Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion embraced and supported the idea, because he didn't want the IDF to have to deal with the religious requirements of hareidi soldiers and he wanted the support of Agudat Yisrael as he and his people established the State of Israel.

There wouldn't be a State of Israel today, nor would there be many Jews here in the Holy Land nor would the total population of World Jewry be so high if the IDF hadn't been in existence to defend us.

Watch this lovely tribute to the IDF:


Hadassa said...

Did Ben-Gurion also want not to have to deal with the goals of the religious soldiers as well? We see today that the goals of the religious soldiers are as much of a "problem" as their requirements.

Isreview said...

Very cool photos in the clip:)
כל הכבוד לצה"ל

Anonymous said...

dont think ben gurion embraced or supported the idea. rather, he saw it as a way of moving forward with the medina.
to say the chazon ish and so many other great rabbis supported an idea not based on judaism is odd to say the least.