Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something New To Read Online

OK, many of you will say that it's not new at all.  And when I tell my friend that I have blogged about it, she'll tell me that her husband has been on the staff for a couple of years.  Yes, I did find his name.  But for me it's new. 

I'm referring to Tablet, of Nextbook Inc.  It has a nice variety of topics and is well-written.  I came to it via facebook, when I saw a "share" to an interesting-looking article, Mothers’ Little Helpers by Lynn Harris.  I clicked to read the article and found myself in Tablet.

Tablet, is an American Jewish publication, not Israeli, but so far at least I haven't found it annoyingly American.  It's more Jewish, without being Chareidi.  Of course "Jewish" means different things to different Jews, but that's another post.

Try it out.

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