Monday, April 4, 2011

The Iron Dome Won't Save Us

Instead of destroying our enemies, the Israeli government is investing in the Iron Dome.  Now two are deplyed to "secure/protect" Israel citizens.

According to the government:
The Iron Dome is considered a significant achievement for the Israeli defense establishment, and is currently being assimilated into operational use by the IAF. It will be used to defend Israel against the threat posed by rockets and mortar shells. The Iron Dome system is capable of identifying and destroying such projectiles before they land in Israeli territory.

“The Iron Dome will provide sound protection against missile and rocket fire at the residents of Israel’s southern communities, however, it is not hermetic,” said Aerial Defense Network Commander, Brig. Gen. Doron Gavish.
Sorry, but the only true statement is what Brig. Gen. Doron Gavish says at the end:
"...however, it is not hermetic..."
As long as our enemies still live, we won't be safe.


Unknown said...

Not only will it not save us but it will also bankrupt us. Where is the sechel in using a $50,000 deterent against a $50 attack.

David said...

Hey, are you willing to talk on the record about this? I am a journalist with VOA in Washington and am looking for react to Iron Dome. @VOAByrd on twitter.

or email:


David Byrd
Voice of America
Washington, DC

Hadassa said...

I read an article in Hebrew B'Sheva. The Dome has two batteries, each one is able to knock out 80% of the missiles launched at a city the size of Sederot. Be'er Sheva and Ashkelon are too large to be within the scope of an Iron Dome battery. Any way you look at it, the south is grossly under-protected by this huge waste of money, which may even be transferred to the north.

Batya said...

Erwin, good point, thanks.
David, for sure.
Hadassa, thanks for the added info. The concept of expensive machines vs soldiers protecting us is very Ehud Barak.

"Yisrael, batach b'Hashem."
Children of Israel, trust in G-d.

Hadassa said...

Trust in God and don't be afraid to use the big stick, when necessary.

Batya said...

very big stick