Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blogger versus Huffington Post

Some people are getting rich writing on the internet.  No, I'm not one of them.  Arianna Huffington of her Huffington Post is getting rich, but many of her writers aren't getting their share.

Jonathan Tasini is trying to get even by suing.

If he really hasn't gotten any pay for his 250 blog posts, then his deal wasn't very good. I blog here and on my other blog, me-ander. I also have a blog on Arutz 7, Eye of the Storm. I can post whatever I want there; I don't get paid. There are bloggers who make money from ads and "begging." By "begging" I mean those requests with paypal info some bloggers have up.

A7 isn't as rich as Huffington, but if they pay just the same, then I'm not the "sucker."


Atlanta Roofing said...

While I understand people originally sign up to blog for free to gain exposure, once Huffington Post got “big” and started making millions, the bloggers definitely should’ve been compensated.

Batya said...

Very true.

Anonymous said...

Not true. Was there any such contractual agreement? In fact, I'm willing to bet that Huffington's original Terms of Service agreement made sure to state something to the effect that contributors will not be compensated and that submitted materials belong to Huffington.

In which case, this is a case of greed. People were willing to voluntarily contribute materials for nothing in return but when they saw the organization who gave them the public platform profit handsomely, the dollar signs lit up in their eyes.

Batya said...

Shy, you're probably right.

The other people who blog on my blogs get paid exactly as much as I do.

I don't get paid by other publications, but I expect them to act grateful that I'm allowing them to publish my writing. When people get uppity and treat me like some salaried kid in training, I end the arrangement.

Batya said...

The only thing to change things would be if all of the free writers deserted her. Then she'd have to rethink, or just take the money and run.