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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Latma's Last Year's Passover "Ditty"

This year Latma does things on a much higer level, but the message still holds, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

you know, this year latma may have taken things up a notch, but this is a classic. thanks for reposting -- i had forgotten this.

inkblot said...

That's an excellent summary of the settler's interests: they want a house for two zuzim, i.e. virtually no money and are afraid someone will take it away from them and will defend their two-zuzim-house at any cost (especially if someone else has to foot the bill...)

Batya said...

a, thanks
ink, huh? What should we be homeless? Most of the Arabs are squatters, and their building is without permits.

Hadassa said...

Inkblot, is it lost on you that the best soldiers in all of the IDF, who protect all of Israel, including Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, come from Judea and Samaria? It might surprise you that if cheap housing is the goal, the Negev is the best place, not the "settlements".
Did leaving the Gaza Strip to the Arabs improve the security situation anywhere in Israel, or the economic situation?
No-one questions a Frenchman's right to live anywhere in France. Why does much of the world question a Jew's right to live anywhere in Israel?

inkblot said...

First Chinese are not allowed to live anywhere in China. They need a special permit to live in Peking.

Second Israel was defined by UN as a state even smaller than within the green line, and no-one hinders jews to live anywhere they want within the green line.

No, perhaps there are some hareidi enclaves who will try to hinder people who are not from their group to live in their neighbourhood. Perhaps there are even kibbutzim who will not accept anyone as their members... Oh yes, and now they want to make a new "community law" allowing to ban people "who do not fit in".

Well, you are right.

Jews are not allowed to live everywhere in Israel and this is something we should protest.

But wait. If a frenchmen wants to move into the Elysée Palace, they will not just let him in. Although the Elysée Palace belongs to the french people.

I guess the world is just an unfair place...

So perhaps you could just start where your intervention is most needed: fight the law that allows communities to refuse people who "do not fit in". I think it is not yet passed.

Batya said...

Ink, the school bus was in pre-1967 Israel. Not anyone can live in the White House, big deal. That's not the point. It's in the states illegal for an ordinary landlord or co-op to discriminate against race, religion etc. Why do you excuse the discrimination of Jews in the Land of Israel?

Inkblot said...

No, I don't excuse the discrimination of jews or non-jews in the land of Israel.

I think you should fight this law about not allowing people in who "do not fint into the community".

Did you fight it?

Batya said...

What are you talking about?