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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dry Bones Beats Me on Goldstone

Yesterday I asked what made Goldstone admit that he made a mistake.  Today Dry Bones has the perfect cartoon on the very same topic.  He reminds us that Goldstone's latest comments won't help.


Sabba Hillel said...

This reminds me of the story of the man who went to his Rebbe to find out how to do Teshuva for Lashon Hara. He was told to go to the crossroads at midnight on the dark of the moon and empty a feather pillow. He did so and went back to the Rebbe.

"What now?"

"Go back to the crossroads at noon, gather up all the feathers, and refill the pillow."

When he complained that it ws not possible, the Rebbe told him that is the same with Lashon Hara.


"UNHRC to Goldstone: Nyah nyah nyah, it is too true! The execrable United Nations Human Rights Council says that Goldstone’s op-ed, where he pointed out the bias and lies of the commission report named after him, is not binding. Also that the only way to undo the report is by unanimous vote of all the countries in the UNHRC. In other words: Pound sand, Jewboy. We got what we wanted out of you: A veneer of respectability from a Jewish, South African judge. And if anyone thinks I’m exaggerating what they used him for, well, I have this bridge to sell you. Cheap. It’s in New York. Been in my family for generations."

Batya said...

perfect, thanks