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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cease-Fire, If You Believe in Santa Claus

I don't have all that much time for the news as I get my house, especially the kitchen, ready for the Passover holiday.  I have no doubt that the secular concept of spring cleaning is based on traditional "clean all the chometz out of the house" before the Jewish holiday of Passover, which is of course in the spring.  But even I knew that there was an alleged cease-fire.  Israel agreed to stop retaliating if there were no Arab attacks to retaliate to.  The Arabs took a break. The "world" was proud that "reason had prevailed," and then...  the Gazan terrorists launched more rockets at Israel on Friday.

Thank G-d nobody was injured, but these attacks won't be stopped by diplomatic negotiations nor the Iron Dome.

I don't even think another half-hearted war by Israel on the Arab terrorists will do much good.  That's because Israel hasn't been fighting to win.  Our politicians spend too much time looking over their shoulders, trying to judge how the world sees us instead of focusing on destroying our enemies.

Fake, wimpy wars won't make life here safer and more peaceful.  Real life isn't a story book.

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