Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things Just Don't Make Any Sense

Keep up with our Israeli Judicial of the Absurd by checking out the news on the Honenu site.

If you killed in self defense, would you be afraid to call the police?

9 mm Glock pistol was the gun used in self defense.
You would if you lived in Israel and you were a Jew and your attacker was an Arab.

At the end of January, a Jew walking in the Har Bracha region was attacked. Two Arabs from the village of Arak Burin appear in a video clip distributed by the IDF spokesman, where they can be seen threatening the Jew with rocks in their hands. Since he had no alternative, and since his life was clearly in danger, the victim fired his pistol and killed one of the attackers. See the incident caught on video.

Shortly thereafter, Judea and Samaria Division detectives began arresting and detaining residents of Samaria on suspicion of committing the act. The sole prima facie evidence connecting them to the incident is the type of weapon that they are licensed to hold, a pistol made by Glock. It need hardly be said that numerous such weapons have been licensed throughout the country.

In all cases the arrestees were released, but the Police confiscated their weapons for examination. It should be noted that these arrests occur predawn in their homes as if they were escaped criminals. The latest occurring in Itamar to the son of former IDF Chief Rabbi Avichai Ronsky, whose family was terrified thinking that the police were terrorists attempting to again murder in that community.

Even though the Police declared that this was a case of self defense the person who fired decided not to inform the Police of the incident. One could correctly assume that this is due to the arbitrary conduct of the Police and the courts in such cases. Many Jews who have been attacked are arrested and forced to remain in detention for long periods of time.

The person who fired apparently waited to hear of the arrest and imprisonment of the attackers. When no one was arrested he realized that the Police was not interested in true justice.

Advocate Adi Keidar from Honenu said of the arrest: “The conduct of the police is very strange. The Police announced that this was clearly a case of permitted use of a weapon for self defense. It is therefore unclear why the Police decided to investigate the Jews and once again ignore the criminal acts of the Arabs.”

Honenu's legal defense team works non stop to ensure true justice.
There were over 470 new cases in the last 6 months.
This Passover holiday donate generously to provide FREEDOM for others.
Make Israel a better place.

P.S. Shalom Pollack, our representative, will be in the NY area from May 10 – 31 on a speaking tour. Please contact us if you can help with setting up speaking engagements or wish to be notified of his schedule.


Hadassa said...

They sure don't! I was going to suggest blogging about Honenu after I read the latest news item. It all boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

Honenu helped me and my sons get out of Be'er Sheva prison without a record, a few days before the Gush Katif expulsion.

I've donated to them from even beforehand. If you can, please do so, too.

Hadassa said...

I do, and agree that we all should.

Batya said...

I agree. We should all do whatever we can for them. I keep their link on my blog list.

goyisherebbe said...

I hope I am wrong, but it looks like sooner or later a Jew is going to accidentally or not kill another Jew and then backlash starts. The police or Shabak come, perhaps in plainclothes, the person shoots in self-defense and kills the cop. Then either the cop shoots back or arrests the shooter (who thought he was shooting in self-defense) and he sits accused of murder of a cop. I shiver at the thought.

Batya said...

goyish, there was the tragedy of the guards (one was Baruch Ben yosef's son) killed in drom har chevron by security forces, mistaken for terrorists.

Anonymous said...

oy oy oy -this is a nightmare wrought on by ignoring "give them a hand and then they want the whole arm" scenario. Also known as OSLO. Their bogus claims to the land and world domination is hideous. There is no peace in the region until the Islamic crazies can recognize a sovereign nation's right to exist and human life.Their barbaric death cult has no value for any code of ethical behavior.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, with a minimum number of word changes, your post could apply to the Israelis who brought us Oslo and still ram it down our throats.

Batya said...

and they're so hermetically closed minded that they just seem incapable of seeing the truth

Hadassa said...

Elchanan Gubi was mistaken for a terrorist and shot by a soldier at Machsom Kissufim when he jumped out of his car to shoot a real terrorist.

Batya said...

Actually, it almost happened to me. Soldiers jumped at a car I was in and aimed weapons at us when we stopped to pick up trempistim at the junction just before the Ben-Yosef mistake.

Inkblot said...

Well, I suppose when you shoot in self-defense you should call an ambulance any way. And while you are at it, you might also call the police to report the incident.

I suppose you could apply more or less the same rules as for car accidents with wounded: to leave the wounded where he is and just drive on is criminal. Yep.

Batya said...

Ink, the problem here is that unless a Jew can prove that he/she her/himself has been murdered by the Arab, the police will arrest the Jew for self-defense

Hadassa said...

I am always amazed when people equate terror attacks with traffic accidents.

inkblot said...

I was equating shooting in self-defense to a car accident.

If you shoot someone in your backyard because he tried to break into your house, what will you do?

I would call the police, who will call an ambulance.

Same goes here: shot was fired in self-defense, send the police and an ambulance (not without warning them) to the place where he is.

I think it is a quite fictional interpretation of law that you can just run away and live the dying/death body to be found by someone else.... Come on! Which police would just find a person who was shot and not investigate, i.e. try to find the person who fired the shot, perhaps by rounding up all the persons known to possess that type of weapon.

That's basic police work. Would have happened anywhere.

The guy who did not report the police did not act wisely. I think all those who were intruded upon by police early in the morning should send their complaints to this person.

Hadassa said...

Inkblot, you are not taking into account the fact that terror attacks are not unusual in the area in question and the fact that the police are highly discriminatory in their treatment of Jews and Arabs, even when the Jews are the victims and Arabs are the attackers. The police have on numerous occasions arrested Jewish victims and either set the Arab attackers free or not even bothered to search for them. We are not dealing with robbers here. We are dealing with terrorists.

Batya said...

Ink, no, not simple police work. Read the news reports on Honenu