Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dangers of a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State

Hat tip (for one of the articles): IMRA

Just a few days ago, another earthquake shook up Japan.  7.1 is generally considered pretty serious, though it's small potatoes compared to the 9 plus of a few weeks ago.  There's no real protection for this natural disasters.  The much lauded and extremely expensive protective sea walls were easily toppled by the tsunami waves.  And the high-tech protective measure didn't contain radiation at the nuclear power plants.

This sort of uncontrollable, uncontainable power brings my mind to the dangers Israel and the rest of the world will face if a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State really is established.

Many times I've said that "you can't be a little bit pregnant," and I guess I just have to say it again.  The establishment of such a state would have its uncontrollable dynamic, like a tsunami.  It doesn't matter what conditions Israel's Prime Minister insists on:
In a foreign policy speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the principle of a Palestinian state existing alongside Israel. However in his speech Netanyahu listed certain conditions that the Palestinians may have difficulty with.

Netanyahu laid out three conditions in his speech. First, the Palestinian State would have to be demilitarized. That is to say, Palestine would not have an army with which to threaten its neighbors. Second, the Palestinians and presumably the other Arab countries would not only have to recognize Israel as a country but Israel as a Jewish state. Finally, Palestinian refugees would have to be resettled outside Israel.
They will do whatever they want.

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