Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time for Some Out-of-the-Box Thinking

In the recent post on the Altalena I commented that we should organize a memorial day for the victims of the Ben-Gurion-Rabin Bolshevist-secularist terror. That could include victims of the Saison as well. The central observance would be on the Tel Aviv waterfront where the massacre occurred. For a month previous to the memorial date (15 Sivan) there would be public announcements, bracelets and posters memorializing individual victims. Black memorial candles would be distributed as well. Schools are still in session in that month before and could be asked unofficially to participate.

Now, are you ready for an even more crackpot idea? This will sound contradictory to the previous one. Those of you who are frustrated with both the religious/right parties and the Likud (aka Licouldn't), I have another idea to drive the System and the elites crazy. It's called the Avodat Hashem faction in the Labor Party. The Labor Party is in danger of extinction, being the fossil that it is. It is ripe for a hostile takeover. Get a bunch of young religious kids barely over the age of 18 to join the Labor Party. Those kids who want to rebel against their elders' staid ways, this is the perfect way to do it. Convince some people in the party who are worried about its decline that here is a useful source of new blood. Get some old kibbutzniks and moshavniks to go along. The platform is Social Justice, pulling in the kids whose heads were beaten in by cops and who were arrested. Crack down on import of foreign labor, but demand fair conditions for existing foreign workers with permits. Oppose immodest advertising and media on the grounds of feminism. Educational reform for the kids who suffered through our deteriorating schools. More tradition and Yiddishkeit in the Labor Party to offset the demographic shift and baalei teshuva. Coexistence and kiruv which involves bringing back Arabs with Jewish roots to Judaism. Attack the Shabak for being too cautious about Arabs converting. Demand more teaching of Arabic in the schools. One people, one state, secure borders. Lash out at the hypocrisy of leftists who live in neighborhoods built on the ruins or abandoned houses of disappeared Arabs of '48 while being against the results of the Six Day War of '67. March in front of prominent leftists who live in Katamon in Arab houses or in apartments in Ramat Aviv. Pro-Temple Mount activism (Avodat Beit HaMikdash, get it?). Have registration drives and get young religious chevre into the Labor Knesset faction. Make Barak look stupid at every possible opportunity. Beard the lion in his den. Oh, yes, and get a haskama letter from ... Rav Yossi Sarid of Kollel Meretz. It could do for Israeli politics what Bill Veeck's midget did for baseball. Drive 'em nuts. Shake things up and give the elite a run for their money. Do the unexpected. Much of this platform stuff is negotiable. None of it is written in stone. You can also attract some former Meimad types. That's okay, too. But grab the young protest vote. And make it FUN!


Batya said...

goyish, Did I read you right? Are you trying to pull a Feiglin in Labor?
That's as far out of the box as there could be. I wouldn't give that party a grush.

Anonymous said...

Manhigut Yehudit in the Likud already had a vast pro-Jewish Israel stronghold in the Likud when they came in.

In Labor, you'll find it difficult to get a Mezuman for benching.

goyisherebbe said...

I was just saying that because it is ripe and rotting there is a possibility of a hostile takeover. But even without achieving some real political gain, it would be possible to bug the hell out of the left by showing them that there is no place for them left to hide. Somewhat similar to street kiruv in Tel Aviv and a minyan for mincha at Ohel Shem High School. Just make them a little crazy, a form of psychological warfare. The problem with Israelis is that we have no sense of humor about politics and treat a political party as a sanctuary. Another result is it could contribute to the faster demise of the Labor Party because people will be saying "there goes the neighborhood". If the revulsion of the left causes Labor not to reach the cutoff and be considered passe, that is also an achievement. Besides, it would be fun. Remember fun? I'm middle-aged too, but let's not be dead before they put us away.

Anonymous said...

I remember fun.

When Sundays were off. At least I made them "off" when I didn't show up for shiur. :)