Monday, November 2, 2009

Altalena Witness, First-Hand Account by Charles Rotter

I still remember as a young boy standing on the Tel Aviv beach opposite the burning Altalena. And I still remember very vividly Menachem Begin making his speech on the Irgun Radio Station after surviving the attempt on his life while he was escaping the burning Altalena. Begin never finished that speech and broke down crying for his fallen comrades. Many of those listening to his speech cried together with him.

This is what the evil murderer Rabin should be remembered for, instead of being hailed as a false hero by the perfidious Left.

Somehow forgotten during the tasteless "Rabin Festival" season is the fact that Rabin suffered a nervous breakdown just prior to the start of the 6 Day War, which was a good thing because in his absence Ezer Weitzman unleashed the Israeli Air Force's devastating attacks upon the Arab air forces, something the cowardly Rabin never would have had the nerve to do.

Another monument to Rabin's cowardice are the skeletons of the "Meshuryanim" armored cars left on the road side to Yerushalayim as monuments to the Palmach soldiers ( the G'Dud Ha'Chamishi 5th Palmach Battalion) who were trapped and died in them, while their cowardly commander non other than Rabin ran for his life on his Jeep to Jerusalem and refused Yigal Allon's direct orders to pick up reinforcements and go back to the battle scene in order to rescue them claiming he was too tired and hungry. Or in his direct quote:


"Ani Ayef Ve'Ra'ev Ve'Ani Holech Li'shon."
"I'm tired and hungry, and I'm going to sleep."

A true Leftist "Hero" indeed.

Shaul Charles Rotter


Anonymous said...

Suggested reading: The Rabin File: An Unauthorized Expose.

What a whitewash the press and the elites have done of this nobody.

Mark said...

Thank-you for your warm spirited post. It allows us, your loyal readers to understand and appreciate your deep seated and heart felt devotion to your principles.

I can hardly wait for your Tisha B'Av post about Achdus and Ahavas Yisrael... that is, of course, Achuds with people who agree with you completely, and also Ahavas Yisrael only for those portions of Am Yisrael who agree with you completely.

As for the rest,,,, who cares about them, right?

Anonymous said...

Does the truth hurt, Mark?

Batya said...

Mark, either you haven't read it, or you refuse to believe it.

Shy, thanks

goyisherebbe said...

I think it would be a good idea to make a good media presence annually for the Altalena Memorial Day on 15 Sivan. For a month before, people should wear bracelets and carry poster pictures of a specific murdered Altalena fighter. Sympathetic Knesset members should be recruited to submit a bill to make the day a national day of introspection, etc. All the alternative media and Besheva and Makor Rishon and maybe the hareidi and local press should be given publicity. Give the left the business unmercifully about the Altalena, repeat all the details of who Rabin was and what he did.

Batya said...

goyish, great idea! We can start with the blog etc and have a half a year to organize.