Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthright for Jesus?

Posted by Jewish Israel

UPDATE: Gordon Robertson Cancels Birthright Event
a Jewish Israel member has received notification from Rebecca Sugar, Director of Birthright Israel NEXT, NY, that
"Unfortunately, Mr. Robertson had to cancel the event for this week." (received November 16th 2009)

Gordon Robertson (Pat’s boy and CEO of CBN) is scheduled to speak at Birthright's educational program, Reunion, in New York on November 18th. The topic is a loaded one: "Are Christian Zionists More Fervent Zionists Than American Jews?"
But what Taglit folks are most upset about is Gordon’s record on the missionary front. Like his father, Gordon Robertson is a “believer” in deception. He’ll tell you, "You don't have to change your culture, you can still observe the Torah, you can still be Jewish and still believe that Jesus is the messiah."
At the time of this writing, Gordon Robertson’s name is off of the Birthright New York Region homepage and no longer on the calendar. Has the event been canceled, or is Birthright keeping a low profile?...more

Jewish Israel gives presentation to AFSI:
On November 11th, Jewish Israel gave a presentation to participants on the AFSI/Manhigut Yehudit Chizuk Trip.
The address entitled, “Crossing Lines: a Jewish look at the Israel-evangelical Relationship”, was well received with the audience expressing great interest and concern over growing Christian missionary influence in Israel...more

Rav Sholom Gold Issues Opinion on Interfaith Discussions:
There’s a glut of missionaries on the streets, Jewish-Christian interfaith centers and worship events are in vogue, and the right to proselytize is the law of land in Israel – according to the U.S. State Department.
Under the circumstances, the staff at Jewish Israel asked our rabbinic advisor Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold to issue a halachic clarification on interfaith dialogue.
“Discussions of a religious nature between members of different religions is unwise, fruitless and, worse, it is a prescription for increased hostility and enmity…” Read the full text here as well as other rabbinic positions in our halachic section


Keli Ata said...

Watch out for Gordon Robertson and CBN. They blasted Orthodox Israeli Jews following the Purim bombing. They were all too quick to place the blame on Jews rather than the missionary who had been receiving threats from Muslims for trying to convert them.

The whole premise of whether Christian Zionists are more fervent Zionsists than American Jews makes me very uncomfortable as it seems to open the door for Christian criticism of Jews.

All Jews.

In other words even when I have posts critical of Israeli officials I feel a sense of guilt because it feels terribly wrong and even anti-Semitic for one not born Jewish to criticize Jews--even when it is merited (Olmert, Sharon etc).

That probably doesn't make sense but nevertheless it's how I feel. I can't help but wonder how someone supposedly pro-Israel like Gordon Robertson feels in criticizing American Jews.

How come it doesn't make him uneasy?

Give these Christian Zionists an opening to criticize American secular Jews and it will eventually lead to a criticism and (G-d forbid) criticism of all Jews.

And I recall Tamar Yonah allowing a Christian Zionist to write about why American Jews hate Israel. It started out with an event at a Reform shul and congregants discussing the wealth of other congregants.

Even if that were true no way would I ever as a former Christian start a discussion by mentioning rich American Jews! Few people picked up on what the guy was really saying behind his "support" for Israel.

ellen said...

Interesting that you feel that way.

I think when Jews criticize Jews, it's like a family thing. And even so-called self-hating Jews are capable of change and coming back home. So at some deep unrevealed level, the criticism is sincere (albeit it could be way off the mark)

But you are never really sure of the motive when the criticism comes from outside...

Shiloh said...

Keli, you have no business being critical of a club that you don't belong. The time of the goyim has ended. You just are not aware of it. Neither are most Jews. Be a Torah observer anyways, at all times.

Keli Ata said...

Sheesh Shiloh! So now I am criticized because I fail to be critical of Jews???

That's totally messed up, and your comment about not criticizing a club I am not a member of is just plain mean-spirited. And don't assume to know my level of Torah obsverance, because you don't have a clue, other than what snippets you can pick up and twist on a blog.

I don't normally get angry online or go off on people but there's a time and a place and this was it.