Monday, November 30, 2009

Bad News in Blog Carnival Land

For the past few years, we blog carnival hosts have become very dependent on blog carnival, at least once I got used to it after a previous service closed down.

Your ordinary blogger chooses a post to contribute to a blog carnival, clicks the appropriate bc form, fills it out in two easy steps, and then bc sends a receipt to the blogger and all the info to the carnival host, including a html sentence which can be copied straight into the blog carnival.  One the predetermined deadline passes, a link to its "instacarnival" is sent to the carnival owner and host.  With some minor editing, it's possible to turn the "instacarnival" into a respectable blog carnival.  I've done it myself.  It's so easy, that it has made me a very lazy blog carnival host.

In the olden days I would get links in the mail and have to check out and embed them myself.  That's why I feel that instacarnival is like cheating.

Well, there's a problem.  Blog Carnival hasn't been fully functioning as of late.  I sent out a "send your links to Havel Havelim and the Kosher Cooking Carnival" notice yesterday to my mailing list.  Generally I start receiving them by Sunday night.  some Havel Havelim contributors do their best writing on Sundays.  Nothing came. So I experimented.  I sent one of my posts to myself.  No receipt and no bc notice.  I should have gotten two, as both the sender and host.  I tried again, and again zero.  I contacted Jack who said that the address is right, but if he had put up the  wrong address, I still would have gotten my receipt.  I sent a post to KCC, and still nothing. I sent a query to bc and still haven't heard from them. I asked my husband who's also a blogger to send in a post... nothing came to me, nor the receipt to him.

The bottom line:

Please send this week's deadline Friday Havel Havelim links to shilohmuse at gmail dot com  and please blog about it so more people will know.

Thank you!!

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