Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where Was The Storm?

Yesterday was supposed to be stormy, but although it did rain, stormy wasn't an accurate description. You can't sing in the rain like this in a storm. But actually Sharon Katz and I would have been happier to have huddled under the awnings for filming.

Israel is suffering from a major water shortage, and the "Yiddishe kup" keeps attempting taxes technological solutions for the problem.  There was even talk of importing water, but at the same time, we're giving some of our limited water to nearby Arab countries and don't supervise to preserve purity. Experts say that the pressure from Syria for the Golan is really for the water.

Personally, the water shortage frightens me more than anything else, more than the political threats to banish me forcefully from my home, more than terrorism.  Maybe that's strange, but it's true; that's how I feel.  It's like a soldier surviving a war and then getting killed crossing the street.

As a G-d believing Jew, I have no doubt that G-d gives us our rainfall as reward for our following His Commandments.  The amount of rainfall reflects our behavior.  What's worrying is that government policies are in direct opposition to our Torah.  It's only a couple of months since Yom Kippur, the "Vidu'i" confession prayer is in the plural.  It's not a private prayer.  Rain doesn't fall for the individual.  The quantity is calculated by G-d for our Jewish Nation.  We must treasure the rain and thank G-d for every drop.


Sharon Katz said...

Everyone was rushing around to get out the rain, and the two of us were the NUTS that were standing right in the rain and enjoying every drop. We LOVE the rain.

Sharon Katz

Batya said...

It was such a nice drizzle. I was having such a good time; I just worried about the camera.

rickismom said...

What rain? In Bnai Brak we had VERY little! (GRUMP)

Keli Ata said...

LOL Batya and Sharon! You look so cute in the rain! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day and rain so much. I still enjoy kicking my feet in puddles ala Gene Kelly.

Since you're in EY I can understand why the water shortage would worry you as much as it does. Little rain water in the Middle East is indeed something to worry about.

Going without water is the worst part of the Yom Kippur fast for me. Food I can do without for hours or even a couple of days, but going without water is miserable.

I will pray extra hard for Israel to get more rain, and for Buffalo to get less frozen rain (snow).

BTW: You just post this article and video on your A7 blog.

Batya said...

rm, we do need lots more rain in all of Eretz Yisrael. I was hoping that at least your neighborhood got some.
keli, I did put the link up on a7. Have you checked out online Voices? I'm sure you'll love it and become a regular reader. Because of Sharon I'm now a TV star!

Hadassa said...

We got rain here in Elon Moreh, probably the same as in Shiloh. I'm also one of the nuts who "doesn't know to come in out of the rain" - until the lightening starts. Rain is a gift from G-d to be enjoyed.
On a serious note, as long ago as ten years I can remember reading predictions that in the future wars will be fought - not just in the Mid-east - more for water than for land. Israel not only gives Jordan and Syria water, but the Arab living in Israel are notorious for not paying water bills and for polluting water supplies, partly out of ignorance. There was an article in Hebrew B'Sheva a few weeks ago about the water issue in Israel. According to Israeli expert, the Arabs living in PA controlled areas not only don't care, but they really aren't capable of maintaining a safe water supply.

Keli Ata said...

TY for the suggestion Batya:) I'll check it out!

Hadassa--That's very disturbing information, but I can certainly see how where water is sparse wars could be started over it, and how polluting water supplies could be used to harm people.

It's Thanksgiving Day in the US. Toda to all the Israelis here for giving me something to really consider being thankful for--water. Something most people take for granted.

Batya said...

Good for you, Keli, being aware of water as a gift from G-d is an important step in spiritual growth.