Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Hasn't Israel Protested?

Israel should have pulled its Ambassador from Austria after such an insult!

Nov 15, 2009 2:25
Israeli wins gold in fencing; Austrian hosts don't play 'Hatikva'

Israeli fencer Daria Strelnikov won the gold medal at the cadet's fencing world championship in Austria Saturday night. However, as the 14-year-old athlete stood at the podium waiting to hear the Israeli national anthem, she was greeted by a disturbing quiet.

Strelnikov and a fellow teammate on the podium decided to fill in the silence by singing Hatikva themselves. They were joined by their coach, and other supporting voices in the crowd.


Anonymous said...

i dont think that israel should pull its ambassador over this -- way too minor. who even knew there was a fencing tournament in austria?
did the austrians explain or apologize? were they asked for an explanation?
if they have no justifiable reason for this insult [technical malfunction, etc. + apology] then israel should issue some kind of statement of protest.
a big kol hakavod, though, goes to the israeli team for taking the initiative and singing hatikva on their own.

The Northernmost Jew said...


Batya said...

a, "minor?" What's so minor about an extremely rude insult to a sovereign country? Israel always accepts treatment that no other country would accept, like the fact that our state capital is snubbed. I protest!

tnj, amazing that nothing is being done.

josh said...

Was she competing on Shabbat like most athletes? The I commend those goyim for not supporting hilul Hashem!

Jews are not representing Israel when they compete on Shabbat and I think no sane 'normal' rabbi would give a heter for that. If they choose to compete on Shabbat, they are representing only themselves.

Batya said...

C'mon josh, that's not the point here, and you don't know when it was.