Monday, November 9, 2009

It's A Matter of Loyalty

Is any other ethnic or religious group in the United States asked "the loyalty question" the way Jews are?

"If Israel was at war with the United States, which would you support?"

This question is a classic for various youth group activities and mixers, even though actual war between Israel and the United States is unthinkable.  Disagreements, for sure, but actual war, no way.

Prior to Major Nidal Malik Hasan's attack at  Fort Hood, how often have Arabs and/or Moslems been forced to confront the question?

And now people are saying that Hasan's behavior was suspicious, but if that's the case, why didn't anyone alert the authorities?  Afterwards, it's always so clear...

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Unknown said...

I should point out that the question, as it stands, is meaningless. It implies sufficient changes in the status of Jews in the United States (and perhaps in Israel) that any answer would not apply to the current situation. It is like the "alternate history" novels which deal with what might have happened had the Soviet Union conquered the United States. If the United States actually went to war with Israel, it would have changed so much that it would not longer be recognizable as the "United States of America" as we have it today. In fact, it would be like speaking of World War II Germany and asking a German Jew living during the First World War or earlier if he would "fight for his country".

I specifically used that reference because of the number of Jews in the armies of both sides in World War I.

Indeed, it is quite possible that a course of events that allowed the United States to declare war on Israel would imply that the caliphate had taken over the government and the "freedom resistance" would be fighting to restore the Constitution and the legitimate government.

I think that even the most antisemitic members of the current government (google Samantha Powers for example) would fail in an attempt to trigger an attack on Israel by the United States.