Friday, November 6, 2009

The United States Put Its Money on The Wrong Horse

A hefty part of the Unites States Israel sic Palestine policy is based on Mahmoud Abbas, who isn't willing to stay in the race.  He has been touted by the Americans, Europeans etc as a "moderate."  They may like him, but he doesn't have much of a following among the Pseudostinians.

If the western "powers" really support the principle of democracy as much as they claim, or even half as much, they must recognize that their kind of Arab isn't popular among his peers.

And Israel must follow a much more pragmatic policy and look at the Arab people, read the press, listen to what they say instead of basing themselves on unrealistic dreams of "peace."

Let's get real.  The Arabs here, supported by the United States, the United Nations, Europe etc believe that they can destroy us, G-d forbid.  Israel must take off those loony-Left lenses and see the hatred and antisemitism which powers most of the world.

Yes, we're very much alone, and rebranding and following foreign "suggestions" will not make us more popular.  If we just ignore them and do what's best for us, at least we'll get respect.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
May you have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat


josh said...

Mohammed Dahlan was their ideal horse. The quitessential Arab mafia [dapper] don. With a lack of healthy democracy (and the Yesha Arab society is not getting too much closer to it in the near future), you want a strong dictator who can control the factions but mainly, to give the US and us the feeling that he is cooperating.

One can only pray that the powers that be do not ridicule the Israel legal system and demand us to free Barghouti (another mafia don).

Batya said...

I wish the Americans would play their games on their own territory and not in my neighborhood.

Unknown said...

FYI, the normal usage of sic is after the word being quoted, not before. It is understandable but it does cause a pause as I am reading. I have look a second time to see what you meant.

Batya said...

Sabba Hillel, thanks for the correction, but after learning that we must say "bli neder" before the thing we don't pledge to do, I feel a need to indicate that the "Palestinians" sic are a false nation before the word is even read or pronounced. After over a decade of EFL teaching, I have no doubt that people don't read all the words, so I need to warn them that I don't recognize a separate Arab nation here. Maybe I ought to write Pseudestinian aka "Palestinians" sic.

Actually, when I saw there was a comment, I thought you would mention the news that Abbas may be using resignation as a bargaining chip.