Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Gifted Orator?" My Foot!

Anyone dependent on a teleprompter is not a "gifted orator," and statements like the following from the New York Times are totally ridiculous. 
"As the most gifted orator of his generation, President Obama finds speechmaking perhaps his most potent political tool."
A few well-written campaign speeches aren't enough to cement such a lofty reputation.  Considering that one can hear when Obama's reading verses reciting from memory, I wouldn't put him in the class of his predecessors.  Ronald Reagan was known to say that he couldn't imagine being president without his acting training.  U.S. President Ronnie Reagan had a point.

A truly great orator and great leader can turn on the passion; it's part of charisma.  Obama is lacking that magic ingredient.  What do you expect from a man who voted party line 96% of the time?  That's the sign of a follower, not a leader.

Barack Hussein Obama was cast in the role as United States Presidential candidate, because he was easy to package.  He's a Democrat, half-Black who showed he could follow instructions.

There are two questions:
  • Who's controlling him?
  • Why didn't he get better acting lessons?


Devorah said...

I think he is a great actor, but the trouble is that he is now allowing "himself" to come thru the act. Whereas during the past year we have mostly been treated to Obama The Actor, we are now getting Obama The Muslim Sympathiser and Narcissist Supreme.
This is where the confusion lies.... we are used the "act" but now the real person is emerging and showing his true colors.
(Just my opinion, for what its worth)

Anonymous said...

i dont care how he does it -- in fact there is no evidence to suggest that reagan did not depend on a teleprompter, especially given his early onset dementia during his presidency -- obama is a great speaker, with a clear delivery. a gifter orator, yes. the most gifted in his generation is quite a claim, though.
actually, i find obama passionate, and many say charismatic. it is his charisma which has people scared.
and yes, he is our affirmative-action president. but this doesnt mean he is incapable or a poor speaker.
why do you assume he is being controlled?

Batya said...

Devorah, I don't think Obama's a great actor. If he was, he'd make a smooth transition into the presidency. He's a better campaigner but now more a Peter's Principle example.

a, Obama would be a total nobody if he wasn't black. It was the novelty of his color that got him elected.

Daniel said...

when he is sans telepromptor he is incoherent . Lettermen once had an Obama "uh" meter, because of how much Obama goes "uh".
Obama would be a total nobody if he wasn't black. It was the novelty of his color that got him elected.
Half true. He is actually a light skinned bi-racial brown. He was raised by his uber-Aryan mother and has no slave blood, but as an adult he did the math. The sum of black racists and "sensitive" white liberals, is far greater than white racists. He then worked on changing his "vanilla" accent- how I wish someone had a tape of him speaking with his vanilla accent, He had a "conversion" to blackness by marrying someone unmistakably negroid and went to the most black activist church in Chicago.

Batya said...

A large percentage of American Blacks are of mixed races. Obama's racial background is due to his parents, so easy to verify. It's clear that saw on which side the bread is buttered and made himself identify as black.

Daniel said...

A large percentage of American Blacks are of mixed races

yes, but they all have west African Negroid blood. Obama has east African Nilotic blood which is totally unrelated to American blacks. He is actually closer to falashas _ who like his family are dark, but with caucasian features( facial shape, nose lips etc)

Batya said...

I love this about the different black "races." What's most important is that even though what you wrote may be technically true, he has identified as Black American. That's all that really counts, and he likes to fit in. He's a conformist at heart.

Daniel said...

ven though what you wrote may be technically true, he has identified as Black American.

He does this so that the liberal media and especially Jewish liberals( which may be a redundancy) can then use the race card.
Your against Obama cause you're racist!
Your against health care reform cause you're racist!
Your against mid east peace cause you're racist!
Your against the stimulus cause you're racist!
Your against cap and trade cause you're racist!

If we allow this self proclaimed "black" who has closer blood relations to Goebbles and Goering than you or your spouse, who also has no slave blood call himself black, you give him his greatest political weapon.
I am unwilling to cede him that power.

Daniel said...

BTW you'll like this

Batya said...

Daniel, if you live in the states, then do what you must against him. As an expat, there's a limit to what I feel I should do.

About the video you linked to, I remember "pledging" when saying the Pledge of Allegience and then lowering my hand. But it has been many decades since I went to school in NY. Then again, he should learn to do whatever is the norm today.