Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Mystery of the Missing Post

I wrote a post for this blog over the evening.  It's about what's written in the Torah, our Bible, what I read in this week's Parshat Shavua, Torah Portion of the Week.  As I typed, some strange things happened, it suddenly "got published."  So I changed the time to make it "scheduled," and I continued working on it.

When the "clock struck 12," the "coach turned into a pumpkin." All the finishing touches, actually most of what I had added just disappeared.  All there was to read was the original few lines which had inadvertantly posted itself.  I checked, drafts, scheduled posts etc, but all my hard work just vanished.

I really don't have the energy at this time of the night to rewrite it, so... G-d willing I'll do it tomorrow.

Shavua Tov!
Have a Great Week!


josh said...

The rule is that if what you are doing is an avera (posting rechilut or loshon hara), then it is a good angel aiding you in prevention and a sign to forget about it and move on. On the other hand, if what you were doing was to post a kiddush Hashem, than it is the work of the yetzer hara wanting you to give up an forget about it. In your case, kiddush Hashem - screw you yetzer hara!

Batya said...

And what's your drash about the jumping lines in blogger, when quotations jump down in the text, so the post doesn't make sense?

Keli Ata said...

Not sure what's going on with Blogger. I've had mine inadvertently publish while I was still typing.

I didn't have this problem with the old Blogger. Any idea on how to go back to that?

Batya said...

keli, we can't go back. No doubt ther soon will be a newer new blogger to adjust to.

josh said...

Either write 'offline' and then copy&paste, or that you should open a window and inhale that amazing Binyamin air.

I've had a few comments go kaput.

Keli Ata said...

Good idea about writing in, say, Microsoft Word and cutting and pasting into Blogger.

Batya said...

Josh, Keli, writing on word no longer works completely. It used to be possible to copy/paste embedded links, and now the link disappears, also the formatting of "indented quotations." Copy/pasting now has too many extra lines.

Blogger has been changing things without asking if we want the changes.