Saturday, November 14, 2009

Out Popped Abbas From Pandora's Box!

Fun and games in the Pseudistinian aka Palestinian sic election plans.  It looks like Mahmoud Abbas is using every bargaining chip he can find.  As far as I'm concerned, they can delay it forever.

It seems like yesterday, for an old fogey like myself, when every Israeli politician, right, left and center insisted there was no such thing as a palestinian sic nation.  Then  Menachem Begin, as Israel's Prime Minister, offered the Arabs "self-rule," which like your proverbial Pandora's Box transformed into "autonomy" and now the "two state solution."

And anyone who thinks that Israel would be safe and secure with an Arab terror state in its midst...maybe, you'd be interested in that Brooklyn Bridge...


Anonymous said...

how do autonomy and self-rule differ?

Batya said...

According to my husband, who's a expert in Menachem Begin, self-rule doesn't include "territory." It's for services, like sewers. Autonomy is territorial.