Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mediation or Autocratic Dictator?

Maybe I just taught EFL (English as a Foreign Language) too many years... 

I had to explain the simplest words and terms to my Israeli high school students.  It forced me to look at every word so carefully, and considering that I began that profession after working in advertising where I specialized in finding just the right words to put in tiny ads in both Hebrew and English.  I take the choice of words very seriously, their nuances and most subtle implications.

That's why I consider it insiduously ironic that the United States calls its role in the sic "Israel-Arab conflict" mediation, when it is actually dictating final results.  There's nothing diplomatic about United States President Barack Hussein Obama when it comes to his Israel policy.  He's trying to steamroll his pet policy on us.

Barack Hussein Obama wants a sic Palestinian State, whether or not there's any historical, moral or legal legitimacy for one.  He keeps sending out his loyal drones, Clinton, Mitchell etc to wear us down, and unfortunately Israeli politicians are no tougher than butter on a hot day.  They melt under the least bit of pressure.

Jewish History and Civil Rights are ignored and denied.  We're expected to accept these dictates.

Sorry, folks, the Jewish People aren't giving in nor giving up.  The politicians don't rule us.  We're here to stay in the Land of Israel.  It's ours and nobody else's.  We will build hour homes and raise our families here.  Politicians come and go.  Only G-d is Eternal! 


josh said...

Memri sent out a translation today about how some in Lebanon are sick and tired of hearing the American ambassador dictate to them.

We actually have more in common with Yishmael than Esav. Too bad they haven't done tshuva like their patriarch did.

Batya said...

I'd like to hear Israeli politicians say they're "sick and tired of hearing the American ambassador dictate to them."

Esav repented on his death bed, if I'm not mistaken and it didn't have any positive effect on his children.

Unknown said...

The medrash has Chushim ben Dan stepping up and knocking Esav's head into the Mearas HaMachpelah when he tried to prevent the shvatim from burying Yaakov Avinu. He pretended that he had never sold his share in the cave and claimed that Yaakov had used his portion for Leah. Naftali ran to get the deed, and while waiting, Chushim, who was deaf, found out about the argument an took action.

It was Yishmael who did teshuvah at the end of his life, as shown by his allowing Yitzchak to take precedence at the burial of Avraham. His children did not follow their father's example.

Actually, your speaking of the Israeli politicians reminds me of the story of Chushim.

take a look at for a comment on that.

Batya said...

Thanks for adding some Torah to the post!