Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obama's Missing Coat Tails

In the states the Democrats were still basking in last year's victory, when Obama brought them a "clean sweep."  This week's election results weren't so "Democratic."  The "D" stood for "disappointing."

It really shouldn't surprise anyone.  That's for two reasons.

  • Number one- Obama isn't an experienced politician.  He didn't work his way up through the ranks.  He was thrust into the role, the position as President of the United States.  Compare his experience, training etc with all the other Presidents in the past fifty years.  So, expecting him to know how to campaign for others and all the back room stuff required, is very naive.
  • Number two- Teddy Kennedy is dead.  He was an experienced and very professional politician with a great staff.  The Kennedy machine is missing the charisma, which was well-used by Obama's campaign.
So, you can say that reason number two is actually more important than reason number one.

If the Kennedy Clan hadn't backed Obama, then Hillary would have gotten the nomination and if she had become the U.S. President, then she and Bill would have done more for the Democrats who ran this week.

And another "if."  If the NYC Teachers Union had gone officially against Bloomberg and supported  Thompson, Bloomberg would probably have been defeated.

I love politics!


NYC Educator said...

I'm not certain Obama was responsible in NJ, as Corzine had very low approval ratings. I'm not at all enthusiastic about Obama's approach to education, but if he brings real health insurance reform, which remains to be seen, that will be a truly great achievement.

Batya said...

A change in the health insurance in the states means such major differences from what you have today. Only a bipartisan effort has a chance.
I really think that something based on the Israeli model is best, but the size of the United States, with each state having different health businesses makes it much harder.