Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zip Tsippi's Lips!

Has she lost her marbles? There are things one just doesn't say, like telling a bunch of high school students in Tel Aviv, “It's not always possible to bring all soldiers home.” That's really going to encourage them to serve in the army. Nowadays, the major deferment problem isn't from Chareidim, it's from kids from Tel Aviv, who consider army service for "friyerim," suckers and fools. Tsippi Livni's running for Prime Minister as head of the Kadima Party; she should be inspiring patriotism, not defeatism.
And her statement about the Arabs...
Nu, she doesn't seem to consider them "real Israelis" if they belong in a Pseudistinian state. That bodes danger for all of us here in Israel.


Anonymous said...

It is so much clearer now how corrupt these leaders are. They don't even need to think for themselves, only sit in the chair and listen to advisors who are trying to make them more popular.

Please watch this important movie that was filmed of the last national elections and follows the leading advisors to the campaigns.

And we all thought that Bibi was a great thinker/speaker.

'Kol anshei haCampaign' 'All the campaign's men (in Hebrew):

Batya said...

I see it's a long film, so bli neder, I'll have to comment on it later. There is something fundamentally wrong with Bibi's thinking considering how his policies conflict with his knowledge of history.