Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes, It's A War

At least the enemy is treating it like a war and attacking on all fronts. Southern Israel is being blitzed by Arab terrorists who launch missiles at us.

Innocent Israeli civilians are being killed and injured, their homes damaged, their peace of mind destroyed.

In other parts of the country, Arab terrorists are attacking civilians.

And Israel continues to shtopp the Gazans with food and other supplies. It's dangerous and perverse to be so kind to enemies. The Gazans supply the terrorists with supplies and recruits. The terrorists are Arabs, nor Martians.

This is no chess game. It's for real. The attitude of the government and media remind me of the days when war was a sport, entertainment and people would bring chairs to watch the battles.

The Arabs want to destroy us and they're not shy about saying so. The only effective defense is to destroy them!


Iguana Mom said...
At about 20 minutes the most enlightening facts - to me- are revealed. The ignored political assassinations (extra-judicial killings) inside Gaza by Israel.
The crossings were never opened or relaxed by Israel per the agreement.
According to Haaretz, planning for this offensive began 6 months ago, about the time that Israel didnot want a hudna, saying that Hamas would use it to amass weapons and plan an attack.

In bombing the tunnels in the last few months, the reason was given by Israel that palestinians wanted to kidnap soldiers, yet there is no proof. The extreme hunger and fuel shortages caused by the ongoing blockade are a powerful counter argument to those claims. The UN relief organization disputes the arguments that Hamas uses civilians as human shields.

They said Hamas avoids all areas associated with humanitarian aid so that they will not by Israeli targets, explaining that Gaza is densely populated, and members of Hamas live in there in Gaza, but rockets are never launched from homes.
Homes, Mosques, Clinics, and schools have been targets of Israel.

Israel’s elections are within weeks, which is prime time for offensive incursions, according to history.
The MSM will never tell the whole truth. Where are the missing doves voices?

Consider this, If colonialism, dispossession, and imposing will through force, and attacks - created anger, hostility and lead to the extremism, is more of the same treatment the recipe for peace?
If you were wronged, would oppression to the point that hope was dead - make you compliant?
Would it be better to sacrifice your life than give up all hope for your collective brethren?
In other societies, these martyrs are heros.

When is it proper to rehabilitate those labeled terrorists, and engage them in dialog?
Netanyahu, BenGurion, Sharon, and Barak are all men who have led terrorist organizations, and committed murder by their own hand of men of peace, and led massacres. What led to the change in their status? Was is repentance, or rejection of their past actions? When will the same standards be applied to all without prejudice?

Jabotinksy expended a great deal of energy on a plan of action to separate arabs from their homeland, and also on an attempt to justify the inherently immorality of it, as the lesser of one evil or another.

I believe that rather than the religious beliefs, held by palestinians (which included multiple types) or even their reaction to the conditions imposed upon them, (justified by Jabotinsky) it is the internal dissonance of the ones doing the taking, that leads to the demonization of them.

LIsten to your soul. How can this be right? Might?
A book of the history of worship of one group?

Considering the lack of shared progenitors (for the most part) with any of the territory's historical inhabitants, or to each other, and also considering the internal religious schisms - enough to declare each other as heretics, does the membership of group, which seems to be bound by the keeping of a historical and eternal list of wrongs, whether real or perceived, committed against them - entitle them to put out the current inhabitants,depriving them of their lives and shared history?

How long can one expect to live in peace after this?
if not from physical threat, from conscience?

Batya said...

Maybe you should stop kissing frogs. This is utter nonsense. History has proven you wrong. We've talked up a storm, given lots of goodwill gestures,and all we get in exchange is terror, bombs, katyushot and kasaams.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Good evening!
shekissesfrogs, do you remember what Arabs in Gaza did as soon as the last IDF soldiers left? They looted the state-of-the-art green houses purchased for them by a Jewish philanthropist and then razed the synagogues to the ground in spite of the "Holy Place" signs posted on them in English and Arabic. Irrigation piping from the greenhouses was later used to construct rockets. Instead of getting to work farming and otherwise organizing their lives with the opportunity of having all of the Gaza Strip to themselves, they turned a thriving agricultural region into a terror base.
The Arabs have been smuggling weapon into the Gaza Strip for decades. No blockage ever stops the flow of weapons. Why does it always prevent the flow of medicine and food? Where are their priorities? It seems like they would rather kill than live. You've also forgotten the many trucks of food and medical supplies that the Israeli government sent to Gaza even as the Negev was being bombarded with missiles. Not to mention the water and electric supply to Gaza that comes from Ashkelon, the same Ashkelon that the Arabs from Gaza are terrorizing with Katushas. Or the wounded Arabs from Gaza now being treated in Israeli hospitals.
How can you defend people of that sort?
Read Joan Peter's book about the hoax of Arab suffering for more information.

Batya said...

thanks hadassa
Why don't you write posts for the blog?