Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peace--We Had It

There's only one way to establish peace. You must defeat your enemy in war. And you then must behave like a victor.

We had peace, for a few minutes after the 1967, Six Days War, and then Eshkol's government decided to give possession of הר הבית Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount, The holiest place in the world for the Jewish People, to the Moslems. After that, things have just gone down hill, as the saying goes.

For some perverse and peculiar reason, Israelis refuse to recognize the single-mindedness and violent fanaticism of our enemies. Government after government continue with the same failed policies, wishful thinking, hoping that our friendly gestures, Lima Syndrome, will make the Arab terrorists into peace-loving people.

Even affluence and education don't change our enemies, as the British have been reminded recently, during the trial of the Arab doctor terrorist.

Instead we keep getting attacked. Ashkelon, Sderot, the Negev were all attacked by Arab terrorists who launched kassams. But the politicians, media and judicial all make light of it.

What right does a "legal advisor" have to give the government military instructions? Another annoying thing I point out frequently is the ridiculous headlines in the media. Today Arutz Sheva went "poetic" instead of accurate. Terror from the Skies in Sderot: 3 Wounded in Shopping Center Sorry Charley, but the terror wasn't from the skies. The terror was from terrorists, Arab terrorists. Please don't be creative with the truth. This isn't some game. Those Arab terrorists want us all dead and our country destroyed, so don't get all cute and flowery.

There is only one way to stop terrorists, and there's only once way to have true peace, not the rhinestone variety. We must totally and completely and unembarrassedly defeat our enemies without apologizing, without trying to make them happy, without compensating them for their losses.


Anonymous said...

Well written.

Batya said...

H, thanks

Anonymous said...

I agree. Not until an adversary is brought to its knees will peace prevail.

Batya said...

a' why aren't policies based on the truth?